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Blank Feb 2015
It is
It is.
Blank Feb 2015
She thought of him,
of how she was
enchanted to meet him.
She speak of him,
of how he managed
to make her day.
She likes him,
even though she knows
that he is still in love
with someone else.

Now she's confused
if she still wants to go on
let go.
Not for the sake of her
for him.

She wants
give him time
to move on.
For him
to think
of what he really feels about her.

She want to hold on
She also want to let him go.
Maybe for awhile
*for a little longer
To realize, to heal, to know what you truly feel.
Blank Feb 2015

You love
spicy foods,
I don't.
I eat vegetables,
You don't.

You're my
total opposite.

I never thought
I'll like a man like you.
A man
who only exist in movies,
stories and dreams.

I met you
in a very unexpected time,
in a very unusual way.
You're not my type
to begin with
there's something
in you
that made me want
to know you more.

But despite all that,
you're still the man
I wish to spend a year or
a decade with.
The man I can call,
My Love,
My Strength,
My All.

I want
to know you more.
Even the darkest side of you,
the sweet
Even the broken side of you.

Because I'd still
accept you just the way you are.
Happiest Birthday to you, love.
Blank Feb 2015
It was like,
waiting for a bus
to pass by you,
holding an ice
until it melts
on your hand.

It was like,
saving a random stranger
and not asking
for anything in return.

It was like,
getting a tattoo
to satisfy your wants
even if you know
it will hurt so much.

That's Love.
Blank Feb 2015
She didn't want
to let go
She wanted
to stay.
He wanted to let go
He didn't like her that way.

It was his choice
she never agreed.
If he stayed,
she'll get hurt

Maybe it's true
that you have
to let go
of the things that once hurt you
so that
you can see
the things
that will endlessly make you happy.
Blank Jan 2015
It's true
that it takes time
to heal,
to forgive,
to forget.
You're going to get
through it
sooner or later
you're gonna realize
it's not worth it.

And when that time comes,
I'll still be here.
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