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Blank Jan 2016
"I'll be okay."
for an hour,
a minute,
a second,
not at all.

"I'll miss you."
for an hour,
a minute,
a second

and I always
prefer the last one.
I'm writing again and I don't know if it's a good sign or bad.
Blank Jan 2016
"I miss you tonight, nothing's gonna be alright when you're not here with me."

and now, this is the
definition of
what I feel.

But I can't do anything about it.
  Jun 2015 Blank
I couldn't count
the number of times
it rained
it shined

but all of that
did not matter
because we were
all there together
we held to ourselves
the moments we
were together under
that same roof
under that same sun
that shined above us

seeing all of them
with a smile on their faces
made me realize that
we each give each other
a reason to dance
I haven't had a good day in a while..
until today.
Blank Jun 2015
In time,
you'll be okay.
You'll realize that
no matter
what happens
it will all fall into place.

remember to
not be afraid of change
is the
permanent thing
in the world.

*You'll be okay. In time.
I do not really know what I'm writing about.
Blank Jun 2015
"Breathe... stop crying"* they said.
How can I?
when the moon
is half again

When all that moon
has ever wanted
was to be whole,
complete and
him again

I've missed the moon
when I left


I am sorry
for taking the half of
himself with me.
Blank Jun 2015
Am I still a Writer?
If I have already
my motivation to write.

Am I still a Believer?
If all I once
are now the reason
why I refuse to hope.

Am I still the girl with big nerdy glasses?
If all I can
ever see
is failures and hurt and sadness.

Am I still me?
If I already lost myself.
Because I don't know myself anymore.
Blank May 2015
There she goes again
her faded happiness.
Thinking about something;
a feeling,
that she herself
can't figure out.
Is it really that hard?
to be happy again,
to be relaxed and
to feel free?

There she goes again
nothing but herself
her faded happiness.
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