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 Jun 2015 Blank
27th of June
 Jun 2015 Blank
I couldn't count
the number of times
it rained
it shined

but all of that
did not matter
because we were
all there together
we held to ourselves
the moments we
were together under
that same roof
under that same sun
that shined above us

seeing all of them
with a smile on their faces
made me realize that
we each give each other
a reason to dance
I haven't had a good day in a while..
until today.
 Dec 2014 Blank
Babi L
I had never believed you
When you said you loved me
It must have been a joke
No way it could be true

The stars, I was surprised indeed.
The way that you looked
At me I could see them,
Stars I never knew existed

As you struggled for words
Your eyes said it all. You loved
Me. At that very moment,
I had no doubt whatsoever
That I loved you too.

— The End —