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Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
A vacancy has fallen
Upon the land of all want
So barren in hope
Stretching out a hand
To behold nothing but space
The destructive yearn
That pumps through this tired soul
Comes up empty with but an old photograph
Tainted and obscured by the burning light
Of imagination's failure
Where did it go?
The euphorically warm canopy
Of the ever-calming shade
The cool breeze of a lover's touch
To fade away all the sweating troubles
Now only heavy-eyed and slumping frame
With the weight of all that is missed
The triumph of the dark
Adding to its sadistic glory
Like lining its trophies
For the gradual taking of my soul
Which coming morning will it be?
When they have everything from me
That they could ever posses
And their victorious march
Will chant the word of my death
Waleed Khalidi Dec 2014
It always seems to end this way
Conversing with my thoughts
That echo inside my brittle skull
Beneath a once beautiful moon
Dragging on a cigarette
Like it my poisonous savior
With every exhale a lonely beat of the heart
The world still madly spins
But slower than this mess of a mind
And heart sinks like a pebble to a stream
Havoc is what they wreak:
Those voices in my ear
The past's cramping grip
keep my hands clenched to when we met
A chapter so bright
To a melancholy story
Demons took control of the scribe
To timidly scribble a tale
of a vanishing soul
My eyes are so heavy
My heart so fatigued
Yet I have not slept in years
This bed brings me such disgust
As its touch awakens all the regret and fear
That keep its daggers at my throat
What a waste of its inviting comfort
To lay only a pathetic, lonely delusion. Alone.
Let me sleep with the stone
That presents my chiseled name
To the hundreds who will pass
While giving no mind
Like my years in life
Waleed Khalidi Nov 2014
A deep companionship
Why has it come to seem as myth?
And why would the buzzing electricity of connected souls
Fall amidst our space?
Those eyes that showed me the universe
Yet while reflecting within my skin
So many days
Rarely breaking our compass
The daily greetings you gave
Returned life to my corpse
And at night we would wallow
In the pains of our thoughts
Until your so tired head
Found its rest on my chest
If ever you were gone
My thoughts were nothing but of you
Always upon your return
My day started new
But you've taken your leave
The flying moon found its bed
Every sun that comes up
Pales in the shine of it then
Waleed Khalidi Sep 2014
The edge of the mattress
seats my brittle, crouched over body
Or maybe a corpse
rotted by the swirling troubles
that dizzy such a potential mind
into a useless blend of mess and worry
And the heart, left so empty
after the pathetically desperate offers it chanced for love
for a core to this depleting vessel
But now left more bare than the farthest of trenches
or the frigidly dry desert winds
More stale in my sleep than the powerless sands
whisked by its ruthless wrath
The slumbering visions
so personally horrifying
The void that infects my soul, so closely as exhausting
as when they end with my eyes' opening
Waleed Khalidi Sep 2014
The frustration
Do these feelings only flow through ink?
Oh what a bursting soul
that devours its own love
inside such a collapsing frame
That desire for touch, the affection that transcends
the droning life of our spinning globe
So insatiable; so confused
Those lips were always a different being than the others
Your path to interject into my timidly drifting course
It burned the maps ever drawn up
The only route from here on was ultimately to the conjured fantasy
of a glorious victory for your love
How idiotic; why is it you?
I, such a wandering pawn in our time's game
to see a magical land in your eyes
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
The bitterly sweet seclusion
Sit the soul free of the jabbering drones
of those corners of such mess
The mind's noise may flow
outside the quiet enclosure of these walls
Rejuvenate the self
as no intruders may interrupt
The beating of the heart
conducts the ticking into the night
Yet, until the harmless flow drifts unwillingly off its course
into that realm of overwhelming angst
Suddenly the state of one witched the dark to light its path
of which aimlessly walked alone
But the heart bursts with the pressuring passion
to sync such a setting
with that of a curious walker-by
Gloomily no steps heard from the intimidating outside
All that echoes is the fading notes of yesterday's piano
Oh that reminiscent tune
The plucking harp of a shining, graced spirit
now an irrelevant concocted sound
falling so suddenly short of a masterpiece
That song that enslaves the head
as if calling for an encore, before the conductor even raises his baton  
So the art of the writer's hand is clenched still
by the frigid hold of the past
and guiding the pen's strokes through the only script it believes
The same story pathetically scribbled every night
in ridiculous hopes of a greater ending
Waleed Khalidi Aug 2014
If heaven were down the road
I'd be too lazy to walk
If hell were up the street
it wouldn't enter my thoughts
If bliss came to my door
I'd have no time to talk
If comfort called my name
I'd only feel stalked
If rest sung me a song
my ears would be blocked
If romance held my hand
my fingers would be chopped
If they told me love exists
my heart would still drop
If I had all the answers
I'd only scribble it with chalk
The wind waved goodbye
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