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Nov 16 · 127
What if
JKM Nov 16
I wonder...
What if I confessed to you when I had the chance?
What if I let you hear the words that long to be spoken?
What if I told you the truth instead of saying nothing?
Would our story have a different ending?
Or are we really doomed to just be friends from the beginning?
Another "what if" to our story
Oct 20 · 41
Star(less) Sky
JKM Oct 20
Have you ever seen a starless sky?
Asked the little girl
Where when you look up,you see nothing
But a blanket of despair

An epitome of darkness
Cloaked in clouded fear
Shrouded little darkened stars
A fallen angel's tear

The curious girl then looked up
Towards the little boy
Anticipating his reply
Tightly hugging her little toy

Do you believe a starless sky
Really does exist?
Or is it just how you percieve
And what your mind insists?

Do you think that stars are not there
Just because they can't be seen
Or maybe they just need more time
To light the sky up like how they've been

The little boy, full of wonder
Questioned back the puzzled girl
Saying things that can't be seen
Doesn't mean that it's not there

You see, the little boy spoke
There really is no starless sky
It all depends in what we believe
And the viewer's eyes
We are under the same star(less) sky
Oct 19 · 48
JKM Oct 19
She was like a star
An unnoticed one, that is

With spark not darker than normal
But not brighter than this

So, in order to be seen
She did her best to shine

She wanted to fit in
So she pretended she was fine

And yes,she did it
Her spark was perfectly sheeny

And people came to notice her
While other stars were envy

But then one faithful night
Without warning, she darkened

Everybody was confused
I guess they have forgotten

They didn't see what's within
And focused on what's out

They forgot a star shines brightest
When it's starting to burn out
Oct 11 · 83
JKM Oct 11
You were my sun
As I was your moon

And ours was a rare eclipse of the midnight sun and the midday moon

At least
It used to be.
For the sun and the moon shared a love so strong that even destiny can't keep them apart for so long.

But even an eclipse has to end.
Oct 9 · 705
In Control (?)
JKM Oct 9
It feels like I'm writing a story that is sure to have no happy ending.

And instead of being the one behind the pen, I'm the one being written.
Oct 9 · 111
Tell Me Otherwise
JKM Oct 9
Why are you doing this to me?
Making me wait anxiously for your replies
Making me worry by telling me lies
Lies like you're fine, and you're okay
While your eye says otherwise

Why are you making things so complicated?
Making me question whether it's coincidence or fated
Making me wonder, are we really connected
Or are we just two lost souls longing to be accepted

You see, I don't even know what's happening to me
I don't know what we are and neither what we'll be
I myself am not even sure if there really is a 'we'
Or is it just a make-believe story I made in my fantasy
Oct 8 · 50
JKM Oct 8
How can you have this effect on me?

You make me overthink
You lead me to confusion
You give me mixed signals
I don't know what's going on

You don't ignore my chats
But you don't reply fast
You say you'll lend an ear
But always shuts your mouth

You tell me your okay
That you're fine and you can manage
But I know deep inside
You're just afraid out of your cage

I told you that it's fine
That I'm here and I'll listen
I'll wait 'til your okay
To get out and speak your mind

That's why I'm waiting, and waiting
I'm waiting 'til you talk
Because I want to hear you
In your heart I want to walk

But it feels like I'm waiting
For something that'll never come
And instead of saving you
I'm slowly falling down

I'm afraid of what's happening
Heck I'm even terrified
What will become of me now?
If in your darkness I'm petrified

I want to listen to you too
To hear your darkest little thoughts
To reach great depths in your water
And in your maze be a little lost

You make me feel indescribable feelings
Make me act in an unfamiliar way
Make me wish upon shooting stars
And make me speak words I dont say

I was intrigued by your mystery
Captivated by your smile
But what really kept me hooked
Is the sadness in your eyes

I want you to lean on me too
Like how I lean on your shoulder
But even though you're not pushing me away
You're not fighting to keep me either

— The End —