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Vanessa Gonzalez Oct 2014
Have you ever stared into empty space?
Its actually not as boring as people say.
Its 10:35 and that's exactly what im doing.
Because that's how im feeling.
And staring just lets my mind wander to memories.
Maybe it'll help me feel something again.
I was feeling sadness
But that went away about five minutes ago.
"I wonder why?"
Yeah me too.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jun 2015
From it's caged heart the bird will sing

Reality makes it fall back into silence

Even though it has everything

Even everything is not what it thought    it would be


Making the most of its life it will always sing

Even though it's heart will forever be anything but free
Vanessa Gonzalez Jan 2015
Ever just cry until your head feels its gonna explode in pieces like glass?
Ever just want to cry until you feel like that?
The feeling *****.
Your throat gets all constricted
Your eyes burn
But then you remember you can't
Of course physically you can
But you know you can't at the same time
You have an image to keep up
No one can see you cry
You have to be the strong one
The one who holds the rest of the family together
And that eats away at your mind
You get red angry at anyone
Or irritated just by the way someone's breathing
Or sad because a puppy didn't get an extra treat
Or happy at the wrong time
I feel crazy half the time now
I feel like the person I care about the most is gonna realize that too and leave me alone in the
Vanessa Gonzalez Nov 2014
There's probably a list of the worst things you could hear.
I don't love you anymore.
Im sorry, he/she didn't make it.
We need to break up.
You're fired.
It goes on and on.
Wednesday I heard something thats probably on that list.
"You have a tumor."
And somehow, I managed to laugh when I heard that.
I'm an experiment gone wrong.
Vanessa Gonzalez Aug 2017
that's all this life with you has brought me.
bitter disappointment.
I used to look up to you,
believe in you.
they say the only man a girl can trust is her dad,
so what am I left with?
how can I trust the man who's only left me with a hole in my heart?
I can only look up to the sky and ask God for help.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jul 2014
I wish life was as easy as
1, 2, 3...
But life isnt easy. Its like solving a tough algebriac expression. You stress out about it, but you find that answer after hard work.
Then why is it hard to comprehend that a relationship comes with stress?
Why does everyone think it has to be like Cinderella and her prince?
Its not.
Relationship means work.
And work leads to success.
Sound easy enough?
Vanessa Gonzalez Sep 2014
People **** up.
They're only human.
People will hurt you and they wont even know theyre doing it.
Some people have become stuck in a world
Where they've been hurt so much they believe they can never be happy.
I'm one of those people.
When I have a good thing, somehow I end up ******* it up and I never mean to.
I've hurt people that don't deserve it.
I've hurt people that I would die for.
But...God... I dont mean to...
If only people could understand us and the hell we face everyday in our heads.
I hate mysef for everything I do wrong.
It's best you just stay away from us.
We're only gonna hurt you.
Vanessa Gonzalez Dec 2014
I've never really believed in ghosts
But I feel like I should now.
I'd do anything to see him again.


in his room thinking.
I want to feel a cool breeze on my face like in ghost busters.


Like I want a demon to cross my path either.
It just ***** to miss someone who was so close to you.
Everything reminds me of him.
From the weird conversations I have,
To simply seeing a certain Pokemon badge.
But always the same question is asked, "Are you


Did you even hear me when I was crying in your room on my birthday begging God for answers as to why he took you?
I was alone hoping to see the door to your room mysteriously open.
People say "God will heal your wounds." "Keep praying."
I mean, can you shut up?
I know he can.
But he hasn't.

But believe me when I say, "I'm Okay."
Vanessa Gonzalez Feb 2014
What is it about you that got me like this?
Was it your smile?
Was it your laugh?
Was it your eyes?
Was it your lips?
I don't know how
But somewhere along the way...
Vanessa Gonzalez Jan 2015
Don't you ever just get so irritated with everything and everyone?
Everyone's so caught up in the most worthless dumbest **** it annoys the hell out of me.
There are people out there going through real problems and they're over there mad because they haven't ****** a ***** in a while.
Or they haven't had they're hit yet.
Or theyre ***** as hell and can't seem to find someone to **** with.
Or theyre "failing" a class with a 95.
Its all this **** that ****** me off.
Stop being so selfish for once and look past the meaningless parts of being human.
They won't mean anything once you're dead.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jul 2014
Life can really drain the life from people.
I think I'm at that point where I'm just tired of it.
Im tired of feeling like **** for things I've done.
Maybe that year of alcohol I had wasn't such a bad thing;
At least now I know how to escape life.
Because feeling like the one you love is distancing themselves from you,
Looking for other more attractive girls that won't whine about not seeing them enough,
Well lets just say life isn't the part that kills you.
Just felt like writing this.
Vanessa Gonzalez Mar 2014
We all
Know that
Girl that's smiling.
Whether she's
Or not.
Shes the one girl that
Will never let you know
If shes had a bad day or
Not. She's willing to help
Anyone who's in
Need. But
On the inside
She's a little girl
Crying for a friend. Crying
For anyone to hear her. Shes
A scared little girl, but she'll never
Admit it. Shes strong. She has a wall.
Conceal. Dont feel. Dont let them know.
Shes that little girl in all of us. We all need
Someone to hear
Us. Someone to
Understand us.
Someone to help
Us. Someone
Who will
Love us.
That will
Be there.
Who cares.
Vanessa Gonzalez Oct 2015
The love I have for you
Is the strongest you could ever have.
You see,
I waited what seemed like an eternity
For you to come around to love me.
Even when you played my heart,
Just like you play the piano,
I still was there for you.
Call me stupid if you'd like.
But to this day,
I don't feel like the love you have for me
Is equal to the love I have for you.
You see mine is stronger,
And the most fair.
But all you've taught me is
Love is unfair.
And I'll never have someone love me the way I love you.
Tell me if that's fair.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jul 2014
She listens with her eyes closed as the melody begins.
Its starts with a slow beat; memories begin.
Her childhood, consisting of innocence and playtime with her younger sibling.
God in front, but the devil close behind her.
The music changes.
Playtime turns to fear and adulthood.
She is only 6.
But her fear of the harm done to her has molded her into something else.
The devil has her cornered.
The beat drops.
She needs closure.
She finds it as she cares for her siblings as if she were a mother.
Where is her mother?
Where is her father?
She doesn't care, she has her brother and sister.
And now with art and music beside her,
The devil is in front.
The music intensifies.
Missing church.
Shes broken.
No one knows her story.
The once little girl full of joy and playtime,
Has become grown and silent.
She's a doubter.
Where was God?
The music slows.
The sun comes out and shines down on her.
She feels a brightness in her heart she hadn't felt since she was a little girl.
Her fear of being damaged again is forgotten.
Maybe she can save herself.
The end chorus begins.
The devil is vanquished.
God is right in her sight again.
The bad habits gone.
And beside her what do you see?
Not fear.
Not damage.
Not silence.
You see her shining heart
Finally free from the darkness around her.
Music tells stories.
Vanessa Gonzalez Mar 2014
Mind wanders into
That place I know
It shouldn't. My
Spins with the
Multiple possibilities
That could happen.
                                                         ­                  Is
Everything going to
Be okay? Should I be
Worried? No, but
Neath the façade I've
Created for myself
There's no calm
                                                            ­      Water
Vanessa Gonzalez Dec 2014
I find myself repeating the words

"I know."

A lot.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jun 2017
The revival of my heart was not merely due to the kindness and love of another;
The revival of my heart came when I finally discovered how to love myself and rip away the things, people, who were tearing away at my soul.
Your revival should feel this way.
Like you're so high and no one can bring you down.
Like you can follow your dreams and not feel like you're being pulled back.
Like you can breathe in the fresh air around you and finally see the beauty in the life around you.
Like you can finally trust yourself and love again.
My revival feels like that.
Finally, I'm free and it's no thanks to anyone but myself.
Finally, I am falling in love with someone who deserves it.
Finally, I love myself and am following my dreams.
Finally, I feel alive.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jan 2015
Supposedly making wishes on a shooting star are supposed to work.
I've never believed in that kind of stuff but right now I'll try anything.
Wishing someone would understand.
Wishing I wasn't so alone.
Wishing someone would consider my feelings.
Wishing someone would take my side.
Wishing my brother wasn't dead.
Wishing I could numb my emotions.
Wishing I was alone.
Wishing I wasn't.
Wishing for November 16, 2014 to stop existing.
Wishing for sanity.
Wishing I didn't have this particular life.
Wishing this shooting star would work.
But sadly the only person that considered mine and my sisters feelings was a man we've only met once.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jan 2015
I'm trying to find solace in anything.
But I realize I'm angrier than before.
I stand in the shower for 30 minutes and just seethe in anger.
Anger at God.
Anger at my mom.
Anger at my dad.
Anger at my sister.
Anger at the guy who hit my brother.
Anger at my boyfriend.
Anger at me.
Anger at my brother.
Sometimes I wish I could just scream in there,
But I know my parents would probably freak out.
Maybe even bust the door open and see me in all my glory.
That'd be embarrassing.
I feel like I hate everyone.
But I also can't be mean to anyone.
I feel bad when I get mad at my boyfriend.
But **** sometimes he makes me wanna beat the **** out of him.
And then sometimes I just wanna pounce on him.
All these emotions got me ****** up.
I'm over here reminiscing old memories of my brother hoping for some sort of solace.
But I end up in tears just wishing the good Lord would just take me.
And I know its selfish but in this kind of moment, you only think of the pain now.
I can't see my future anymore.
The man I love doubt's me all the time and he has good reason to.
I don't know where I'm heading.
And it breaks my heart that he does.
But oh well.
I couldn't even convince my own brother to stay in the end either.
So much for solace.
Vanessa Gonzalez Jul 2014
Sometimes you can have your doubts about who the person you
call your best friend really is.
Others, like myself, doubt ourselves.
Most of the time you wonder,  "what's
wrong with me," or "am I
the only one that feels like
Easy answers really. One might even say
rhetorical. Yes theres
something wrong with you,
but no you are not alone.
Truly,  I have no advice to give since I suffer from these questions
Its just that sometimes life just really ***** ***.
Maybe more than others. Honestly I'd rather be dying of hunger
than have to deal with the
emotional stress that is my
life. Yeah sounds terrible.
Everyone feels that their problems are bigger than others.  I am
also guilty as charged.  We
just want someone to really
get what we're saying and
feel for us.
Sometimes we just need to scream. Or I guess I do.
Vanessa Gonzalez Feb 2015
My head is spinning so fast my brain is in a jumble.
I'm confusing my feelings for everyone and its making my heart crumble.
One day I love you, the next its turned to hate.
I mean, how many hits do you think a heart can take?
Life's so confusing I just don't know what to feel.
But please don't ever doubt that my love for you is real.
I'm just in a bad place, please understand.
I'm trying to return to myself as much as I can.
Just don't give up on me.
Cuz baby you complete me.
Because we both know that in the end, its just you and me.
Vanessa Gonzalez Mar 2014
Thinking about that day.
It was raining,
But not just outside,
My eyes were raining.
But why over me?
I look over, and I see you smiling.
While I'm drowining in my
Feeling a little down.
Vanessa Gonzalez May 2017
"everything's okay,"
I say to myself.
when my life is full of people,
people who give me love,
everything's okay.
I feel full,
I never let myself feel the pain that slithers like a snake and wraps itself around my heart.
the minute I'm alone,
I feel the tendrils of darkness begin to enclose around me.
suffocating me
leaving me with nothing
not even a shred of light
and sometimes,
just sometimes,
it's enough to want to make me disappear forever
even though there's not much of me left
Vanessa Gonzalez Oct 2014
You should never leave me alone at night with my thoughts.
It's more dangerous than leaving a baby in a hot car.
I'll literally **** myself with my thoughts and most if the time that's all they are,
And right now I'm that baby and its over 100 degrees in this car.
There's no window that lets me breathe.
There's no room for screaming for help when you know no one can hear you.
And slowly the heat will **** me.
You're supposed to be that freak Texas weather snow storm that saves me.
Instead you remain a steady Arizona heat.
And I'm choking in my own air.
Vanessa Gonzalez Mar 2017
Here I am again sitting in bed wide eyed at 12:44 am.
Thinking, thinking
How did I let this go so far?
How could I have let someone have so much power over me to the point where I look back...
and don't even recognize myself.
Who was that girl who wrote those posts from years ago?
So blinded by love so poisonous it haunts her to this day.
Love so toxic it still irritates the skin.
But I'd like to thank you for getting me here where I am today.
I can see what was wrong with my life now that I'm no longer blinded by your tricks.
But most of all thank you for ruining the romantic part of me.
The part that let people in so easily.
I still feel remnants of your poison in my blood and it's enough to bring me to my knees in fear.
Fear of falling in love.
But, you have taught me that love is also weakness so in a way, thank you.
Four years
I made a fool of myself.
Four years
I chased after your love.
Four years
I never got it.
Four years later
Turns out I don't need it.
So Thank you
For setting me
Vanessa Gonzalez Oct 2015
The absence of you,
Is so noticeable in the house,
You could say it's the elephant in the room.
The joy you brought with your laughter echoes soundlessly in our ears as only the ghost of it is left to hear.
The awkwardness that was so tangible in you still leaves me feeling awkward at times.
I still imagine you out there in Oklahoma as you were two years ago.
Should you have stayed there?
Would you still be here if you hadn't come back?
So many questions no one will ever have the answers for.
I miss you're breathtaking hugs that could probably crack someone's ribs if they weren't prepared for it.
I miss the scent of your cologne as you prepared for dates with women that never deserved you unwavering attention.
They can all go to hell.
I miss watching cartoons with you and YouTube videos and just laughing together.
I miss playing Borderlands with you.
I can't play it anymore because I have no idea what's going on and I never did; I always followed your lead.
You were my hero in many ways.
You were there for me when mom and dad yelled at me for not eating my food.
You'd come to my rescue and bring me zebra cakes.
You were there after the many heartbreaks I suffered.
Why aren't you here for the biggest of them all?
I miss you so much.
You were the best brother I could have asked for.
Now it's just me and Stacey.
You're little sisters still needed you.
Why did you have to go?
Vanessa Gonzalez Aug 2015
To every story, there's an ending.
To every fairy tale, there's a happily ever after.
To our story, there's just pain
That was us.
Me and my one true love.
Our story could move hearts.
But it's ending only shattered mine.
"Goodbye my lover.
You have been the one for me."
Vanessa Gonzalez Sep 2014
The worst feeling you can feel isnt
Vanessa Gonzalez Aug 2014
The thought of death doesn't scare me.
I wouldn't mind dying anytime soon.
It's just a part of life.
I feel its pointless to hide from the ever so
Presence of death's hands.
I'd rather live a short happy life
Than a long miserable one.
But thats just my thought.
The thought of love used to baffle me.
But theres a point where a pair of certain brown eyes capture you as the sun refelcts off of them giving them this color of dark honey,
Or the point where his hands hold you to the ground and you never want to let go,
Or just the sound of his musical voice wraps around you making you feel at home.
Thats the point where you know its not baffling, but instead, breathtaking.
But others have their own opinions i suppose.
The thought of a higher being used to be childish for me.
What do you mean the God that created this entire earth and all its creatures actually cares about me?
But I realized it is possible.
I mean, what else could explain the air i breathe,
The things I see,
The love I now hold in my heart?
I belive in God.
I just may not believe he cares for me.
But what are you gonna do?
Just my thoughts.
Vanessa Gonzalez Apr 2017
Take a step back girl.
You're way too close to fall over the edge.
Not again.
Distance yourself
A million miles away from the danger ahead.
You're surrounded
by legions of demons
Ready to take you
As soon as you fall.
As soon as you get
Too close.
Vanessa Gonzalez Nov 2014
I don't get it.
My brother is dead, but why?
It doesn't feel like he is.
But I know he is.
I walk into his room and everything is in place.
Its like he never left.
Like he's coming back still.
No one gets it.
"Be strong for your mom and dad."
"They're going through a tough time, take care of them."
He was my ******* brother too.
I knew him better than they did.
No one asks if I'm okay.
And those who have obviously believe a lie.
How can I be okay?
He was my rock when my dad punished me as a kid.
He comforted me when my mom wasn't there.
He was my big brother too.
And I'm dying inside.
I think I'm losing it.
I keep hearing his laugh when I walk past his room.
God please bring him back.
Vanessa Gonzalez Sep 2014
Have you ever felt your heart break?
It doesn't just tear down the middle, no, that'd be merciful.
When your heart really breaks, it doesn't tear, it disappears.
There's that empty space there.
You don't feel anything anymore.
You cry, but eventually that stops.
All you feel is pain.
You've lost the person you've ever really loved.
What do you do now?
I don't know.
You remember
The good memories
The bad memories
It swallows you up and eats what little is left of your heart.
There is nothing left.
They're gone.
You're empty.
Vanessa Gonzalez Aug 2017
There are days where I allow myself to miss you.
I let my heart open up to the days that our love was the strongest,
And I allow myself to miss it.
I have to.
When it all gets too much it's like I'm a wooden wall holding back a tsunami.
I let myself cry, just enough for it to be okay.

Sometimes I miss you.
Sometimes I wish I could see you,
Or hear from you.
But it's only sometimes.
Because in the midst of the few happy memories,
There are still those that haunt me.
Those memories are what keep me strong enough.

Once upon a time I loved you.
Now that love is only a lesson.
A lesson about what love should not feel like.
So when I feel like I want to miss you,
I remember what it's like to be happy now that I'm alone.
I remember what it's like to be free.
To breathe.
Vanessa Gonzalez Feb 2014
There used to be a poem here written to the one I used to love.
Turns out he really was the ******* I met years ago; just in a really good disguise.
Have a great life.

— The End —