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Mar 22 · 97
A Marble Boy
AJBusse Mar 22
You're a boy of clear seas and early mornings
Messy hair and smiles
Grass splintered sneakers and a laugh that makes the world shake
Storms on the water that drift into pink
Lonesome words looking for a heart
Rose petals pressed between your fingertips
And music that gushes and flows
And bounces and calls
Through the air
And the ground
And the water that sits there too
You're red velvet cupcakes with creamcheese frosting
You're fluffy white clouds that drift in the sky
You're all of the little beautiful things you find in far off lands
You're a boy of sweet dreams and cherry tomatoes
A boy of careful daisies and gentle hands
A boy of purple lighting that doesn't touch the Earth
A boy of sweet lemon tea that sits in my glass
A boy of honey and suger and mint
A boy of thyme and rhyme
A boy of silly words and careful thoughts
A boy made of marble so beautiful and perfect
Feb 2 · 51
AJBusse Feb 2
Have you ever
Tried to eat something while you were crying?
And it feels like a stick of lead in your mouth
In between the sobs and tears?
Because me too.
And, I am so sorry my love.
Things will get better.
I know they will.
Jan 29 · 379
AJBusse Jan 29
I think it's cute
The way you bounce your leg
In a constant stream of your mind
I can see the thoughts whip through your head and heart
I think it's cute
Because I do it
I think too much
Way too much
But I know you do too,
So maybe,
Maybe, we can overthink together
Jan 15 · 75
The magic of writers
AJBusse Jan 15
I love writing
I love that idea
Of just emotions and ink
With a pen
And a surface,
And writers
Can create worlds
Out of nothing
How magical is that?
Jan 15 · 77
Our Little World
AJBusse Jan 15
I value the little things
The way the sun bounces off trees
The way I smile when I get mail
The way dogs jump when you talk to them
The way people smile in crowded places
The way people drag their fingers across the spines of books
The way little kids go down slides
The way the air stings my throat in the winter
The way business owners call me "Love,"
The way people get excited when they smell candles
The way people dance when they eat good food
The way music sounds in good headphones
The way cats rub their faces on plants
The way hardcovers crack when you first open them
The way pages smell with fresh ink
The way your eyes glitter in the sunlight
The way you look at me
The way you love me
Jan 15 · 179
Won't End Well
AJBusse Jan 15
Oh my friend,
This can't end well
Your smile sets my heart aflame
Your eyes rock my world
Your humor pokes at my lips
The way your laugh bounces
Makes my knees weak
This can't end well
My love,
This can't end well
For a thought of you is always in my head
My heart skips a beat when you look at me
This really can't end well
I'm not in love. Nope. I refuse.
Jan 15 · 48
That green hue
AJBusse Jan 15
I think of your eyes
The way they look blue
From across a room
But the way they really aren't
Not even close
My sweet, your eyes are such a lovely green
They dance across mine as you smile
Oh do I love that green
With that layer of grey
Some call that strange,
Or dull
But they're so wrong
Your eyes hold years of joy and pain
In that deep green hue with a layer of grey
Oh do I love that way you look at me
AJBusse Jan 15
"Do you believe in love?" Asked the girl
"Yes and no," Said the coyote
"Love is beautiful," Said the girl
"But it is also painful," Said the coyote
"But aren't beautiful things worth pain?" Asked the girl
"That, my friend, is a question for the stars." Said the coyote
"I love you coyote,"
The coyote smiled
"I love you too."
Dec 2020 · 64
Who am I?
AJBusse Dec 2020
Who am I?

I’m from the smell of seasons passing in the blink of an eye. The smell of spring, and summer, and fall, and the painful scent of winter.
I’m from giggles in the car with Reginald and Rose the foxes and their adventures through worlds.
I am from trips to the library, where I beg to get tens of thousands of books.
From the dusty rocks on my elementary school playground.
From songs that ring in my head when I close my eyes.
From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that I gave to the dog.
From phrases that sit in my soul and sing to me whenever I’m in the big wide world. Skate with your head up: Kommen Sie, Bitte: Let the knife do the work: Slow and gentle: One hand,
From reading Hungry Little Caterpillar on the floor as my dad records me.
I’m from singing Frozen at the top of my lungs in the living room.
I’m from braces in second grade that wrenched and pulled my teeth.
I’m from countless restless nights and early mornings; where the darkness coos to me to sleep.
I’m from bear hugging my cousins, to laughing at their jokes that I never understood.
I’m from Food Network in vacation hotel rooms.
From chasing seagulls on the beach as I stomp on shells and salt sprays in my face.
From making clay pots when the air was hot and sticky, and my skin was pink with sun.
From my grandpa pretending to eat the Play Doh milkshake I made.
From countless walks in the woods, where the birds sung to me, and the sunshine embraced me.
I’m from losing people like water slips through cracks in the concrete.
I’m from being the last to be chosen.
I’m from being the friend that walks on the grass. The girl that was always left behind.
I’m from being the second choice. The person someone picked another girl over.
I’m from feeling like I’m constantly doing something wrong.
I’m from looking up at the sky and wondering why they would hurt me like this.
But most of all. I’m from throwing myself into people I love.
Holding them tight. Even if they wriggle from my grasp.
From screaming into the sky the names of people who love me. And people I never want to lose.
From giving people my everything.
From calling out into the world for someone to treat me the way I always treat everyone else.
And the world answered.
I’m from tears, to letting go of people who can’t handle me.
From letting go of people who don’t understand me.
I’m from healing.
From forgiveness.
From joy. So so much joy.
I’m from the grass, and the wind, and the songs of the Earth and melodies of who I’m meant to be.
From the flowers, the trees, the mountains, and the leaves.
From the waterfalls hidden behind rocks that no one could see.
From the magic the dances in the air.
From years of love.
I’m from me.
A.J. Busse
Everything me. From my heart to the raw skin that still burns.
Dec 2020 · 73
Extraordinary Things
AJBusse Dec 2020
Extraordinary Things

I feel like we’re always searching
For the perfect life
For a story
For our story
We want to live an extraordinary life
The truth is,
Our lives are more extraordinary than any book character's could be
Because we’re real
Our stories are better than any dragon slayer
Or princess
Or cyborg
Just because someone’s story is different than your's
Doesn't mean your’s, or their's, is any less important
Stories are meant to give us things we don’t have
To improve our already extraordinary lives
They lead us into worlds far away from our own
They give us hope for love and friendship
And perseverance
Books were written for the better
Written to make us feel
Written to make us look out on our world and be grateful
The hardest thing to learn is how fantastical our everyday adventures are
And frankly,
We have to stop waiting for our fairy godmother
Or a wizard
Or a beast
We are the owners of our lives
We can choose whether or not our lives are extraordinary
If you were to sit back
And think of everything impossible thing you want to do
What would you think of?
What would be stopping you?
You have to realize,
If you gut through this
Any of this
If you work hard
If you keep your loved ones close
You can achieve anything
I know that sounds cliché,
But geez
You are way more powerful than you think
A.J Busse
Life is everything you want it to be.
Dec 2020 · 43
Words of Magic
AJBusse Dec 2020
Words of Magic

I love hearing Poets speak
It feels like all their words are meant for poetry
They dance across their tongues and are filled with
So much emotion and deep thought
I’ve found
As a poet myself
That when we talk about things we love
And believe in
Our words glide over our thoughts and
Come out as sweet
Candy of our hearts
I feel like
When I speak to other poets
We have a certain connection
Like our hearts are tied together with a string
A little red string
A string of shared pain
Shared love
And shared understanding
For everyone who writes poetry.
Dec 2020 · 29
The other world
AJBusse Dec 2020
The other world

I sit here
At 5:33 in the morning
For the past
3 nights I haven't been able to sleep
This morning,
I decided to go sit
And I’m glad I did
The world is so quiet at this time
The sky is a blueish purple
But where the sun touches the sky
It’s a blueish pink
The crisp morning air bites at my skin
I hear more bird calls and songs
Than I’ve ever heard at once
They chirp
They sing
They yell
They cry
They surround me
Not to mention
The quiet crickets that cheer them on
It feels like
I entered a world that was not entirely mine
As the world brightens
From a soft hue
I close my eyes
And let it consume me
For even a moment
A.J Busse
The poem that inspired Ungodly Hours.
Dec 2020 · 30
Ungodly Hours
AJBusse Dec 2020
Ungodly Hours

I feel like
When the late hours of night tick into the early hours of morning
Our world is not entirely ours anymore
It feels like we’re just guests
When the moon shimmers over leaves, and rocks, and water
When the stars sing their songs of silence
On those nights were a word is not echoed
A sound cannot be heard
Our hearts pound
Our heads buzz
My breath feels like a hot syrup gliding through my throat
I like being awake when the world is silent
When I’m a guest in my life
I can just be
My thoughts settle
I feel no fear claws at my heart
I can just think whatever slips through my mind
The world stops
For just a moment
A.J. Busse
The poem I used to get into hellopoetry!
Dec 2020 · 39
Wet Tears
AJBusse Dec 2020
Wet Tears

It’s funny
How much things can hurt
How hot cold things can burn
My throat stings
My chest is tight and heavy
My fingers are drenched in my own tears
They’re slick and cold and tacky all at once
My stomach ties itself into knots
My sobs come and Linger
They come out as short- fast cries
The world spins and circles me
My head buzzes with anger and sadness and fear
And so many emotions that I can’t even imagine
I think we’ve all been in my place
Sobbing uncontrollably in the quiet of a bedroom
Wishing that everything would turn out okay
Hoping everything will turn out okay
It usually does,
But in my case,
The pain and fear of losing someone you love so dearly
Overrides that fact
Even though I know,
Everything will turn out fine
I won’t lose them,
I can’t stop the wet tears
I like poetry because poems can be filled with happiness and contentment, but they can also be raw and full of pain.
Dec 2020 · 31
The Rose Bushes
AJBusse Dec 2020
The Rose Bushes

Sitting in a bush
Laughing uncontrollably with a friend I met not too long ago
Our feet are torn and bleeding
The huge ball gowns we’re wearing are just as beautiful clean, as they are *****
Flowers grin at us from the leaves
But to hell with romance
Thorns reach for us
We may have just spent way too much money on ***** gowns,
And also thrown too much money into buying land in Scotland,
So we can become true Ladies,
But none of that really matters
This is one of my dreams
I don’t have a Lord,
And she doesn't have a lady,
Right now the giggles of our joy and the cries of the birds are all I need.  
A.J. Busse
AJBusse Dec 2020
Trigger warning! Blood- gore - ******-

The Stained White Picket Fence

It’s a strange thing
Watching yourself die
From the white picket fence
I could hear my screams
I could see my tears
I could feel the hot blood running down my chin
Down my throat
I shouldn’t have lived as long as I did
After it happened I mean,
He didn’t cut deep enough
I watched as I writhed and sobbed and bled
Until my eyes went glassy blue
Until the blood stopped pouring
Until the shrieks dwindled away
I jumped down off the white picket fence
And sat beside myself
I was empty
I was another ghost is a great wide sea of souls
A.J. Busse
Okay friends! Disclaimer: I am all good! I promise. I just had this idea, about what would a poem be like if I wrote it from the prospective of a ghost.
Dec 2020 · 66
The song of the lily
AJBusse Dec 2020
The song of the lily

It seems silly
When my heart goes a dancin’
I feel like a lily
Light and soft; skippin’ and prancin’
With the leaves of ivy; and the vines of the sea
For when the night gets dark; and the world is blanketed in a soft hue
I shall lay down to rest in my river that I may not flea  
When the wind blew
I call into the sky to bring forth all hands wide
With a swish of ribbon; and the call of the herring
For no one sided nor lied
For when I feel empty and bare, how can I keep caring
The syrup of love is sickly sweet
Even though seeing you smile, is a never-ending treat
We had to write sonnets for my English class, and I really liked how mine turned out! I hope you enjoy!
Dec 2020 · 22
My Goodbye
AJBusse Dec 2020
My Goodbye

Forever is a very long time
Forever is a very hard thing to achieve
Forever is a very hard thing to find
We all want forever
I want forever
But I don’t think the point is forever
I think the point is now
We take in every sweet piece of sugar we can now
And if ever it falls apart
Shattered on the tile
Or gently put in a drawer
You can think back on that sugar and smile
Smile through tears
I didn’t know if I wanted you to be forever
And it wasn't
But I’m okay
I’m happy with me
I found people who may end up being forever
But I do thank you for that summer
I hope you’re well
But it wasn't forever
And it’s time to say goodbye
Maybe you said goodbye a while ago
But it’s mine turn
I mean you already unfollowed me on Pinterest
So I will say this now
Once and for all
Thank you for making me smile all those days
But good riddance
To everyone going through a friend breakup- I'm so sorry. Those hurt a lot. Things will get better I promise. You may not know me, but I know how you feel. I hope you're well everyone!
Dec 2020 · 58
Clouded Eyes
AJBusse Dec 2020
Clouded Eyes

With a skip, a jump, a dance and a glide
I reach my hands up at the sky
My eyes full of clouds
And my chest light and free
My throat warm and raw from the songs that began and finished
With my phone in hand
And my feet bare
I feel as though my heart will flee
My cheeks burn and sting but I barely notice
Joy does weird things to me
But I don’t mind, even as it blinds me  
Dec 2020 · 26
My Sweet Honey Tree
AJBusse Dec 2020
My Sweet Honey Tree

Oh come here dear, and sing to me
Tell me the stories that mean something; lend me the key
Let me see your heart and caress your mind,
With a gentle hand that is mine
What do you think about when the sky gets dark
Who crosses your mind when you are pained
Where do your thoughts travel when you close your eyes
Why do you keep it all bottled up inside?
My mother once told me bottles were for juice
And labels were for jars
So pop the cork, my dearest one
And share with me your darkest fears
Your days of joy
The faces that dance behind your eyes  
Sing to me the songs of life and open your arms wide
Let me in my sweet honey tree
And let me see the light
Read this one out loud! This is one of my favorites.
Dec 2020 · 23
Oceans of Me
AJBusse Dec 2020
Oceans of Me

The sea of thoughts can be very frightening
And oh deary me,
Diving in scares me
With the darkness and the light,
With the logical and fantastical
With the frightening and comforting
Diving into the great oceans we call our minds isn’t an easy task
But my sweet, if you can take my hand,
And dive into the depths of my fears,
Your warmth by my side would make things ever so much lighter
Rhyming "me" with "me." Art.
Dec 2020 · 102
My bleeding Heart
AJBusse Dec 2020
My bleeding Heart

Oh darling, I made a mistake
I smudged my heart on the thorns of love
I smudged my heart against your great stone walls
I smudged my heart on the trees that welcome me into life
As humans we are bound to mess up,
But please O please my sweet darling,
Help me survive the great seas of blood
Help me breath in the darkness of the mind
And if ever you smudge your heart alongside mine,
I’ll lend you a hand for a little while,
If ever you smudge your heart alongside mine,
I’ll be there in the flicker of my light and a sigh of our God
Whoever that may be
I may let you down,
One day soon,
But I love you so
And a crown of daisies is not enough
So when the day comes,
When you need me,
Or I need you
I’ll hold your head above the water as you hold my feet above the grass
Quick note! I promise not all my poems include the word "Darling," A couple of these poems were written in the same day, and I guess I was enjoying the word darling! You know how it is.
Dec 2020 · 235
The leaves of Life
AJBusse Dec 2020
The leaves of life

Oh darling, oh girl, or sweet, or sea,
Oh please look out upon our world,
With the mist and fog that curls around my ankles,
With the sonnets and books that sit on my shelves,
With the great blankets of grey that cover our sun at night,
Or with the trees that reach into the clouds for something they cannot find,
With the gold that lies beneath our feet,
And the snakes and birds that cover our leaves
Oh darling oh girl, or sweet, or sea,
Life is not the things that you see, but the things that sit in your soul long after you close your eyes
Try reading this one out loud! :) Also! Hi, everyone! I'm new here! I hope you enjoy my poetry.

— The End —