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AJBusse Mar 22
You're a boy of clear seas and early mornings
Messy hair and smiles
Grass splintered sneakers and a laugh that makes the world shake
Storms on the water that drift into pink
Lonesome words looking for a heart
Rose petals pressed between your fingertips
And music that gushes and flows
And bounces and calls
Through the air
And the ground
And the water that sits there too
You're red velvet cupcakes with creamcheese frosting
You're fluffy white clouds that drift in the sky
You're all of the little beautiful things you find in far off lands
You're a boy of sweet dreams and cherry tomatoes
A boy of careful daisies and gentle hands
A boy of purple lighting that doesn't touch the Earth
A boy of sweet lemon tea that sits in my glass
A boy of honey and suger and mint
A boy of thyme and rhyme
A boy of silly words and careful thoughts
A boy made of marble so beautiful and perfect

— The End —