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TS Ray Feb 2020
Can I be the sun ray,
that brightens in many ways,
of the day that shines through,
all natural and ever glowing.

Can I be the cuckoo song,
that sets a tune without grammar,
of the lilting music to deaf ears,
all soothing and wonder inducing.

Can I be the thought,
that worships another thought,
of the superior one that I believe in,
all powerful and hope filling.

Can I be the rocky mountain,
that stands tall without emotion,
trapping the dark clouds in its arms,
ever calm and meaningfully inspiring.

Can I be the fancy mirror,
that shows my reflection without a bias,
keeping its judgment to itself,
so, I can answer finally, “who am I?”?
TS. 2020. Who Am I?
TS Ray Feb 2020
I was once in a desert,
traveling in void when the wind was blowing dirt,
sand dunes never wavered me,
cold nights did not trouble me.

The well nearby did dry,
water and thirst had come and gone by,
living this way could not be a high,
words alone are not enough to cleanse a sand kissed eye.

Sun and moon came and went,
nature was no longer revealing any imaginary bent,
how to persist when this desert has me spent,
who knows tomorrow an oasis may spring near my tent.
TS. 2020.  Poem about nothingness.  When nothing comes to you, what do you write on?
TS Ray Feb 2020
Walking down the empty road,
there was absolutely no traffic that flowed,
intrigued by this new journey as we strode,
wait, look around both sides of the road that’s what my mother always told.

It crosses my mind then and there,
we never can change what we wear,
I have asked for a new coat to buy from a fair,
I will stand here until I get an answer fair and square.

My mother told me the reason,
stripes are there on us all season,
for one-day when you runaway from here,
you will find us back with our peculiar fashion, do you hear?

Now, move on, stay in line guy,
she said with her head held high,
and count the other stripes,
I put my head down not showing my gripes.
TS. 2020. Zebra crossing on empty road.
TS Ray Jan 2020
I can hear the alarm ringing,
only this time it had me snoozing,
it was only my hands that were moving,
like I was in deep-sea holding my breath while swimming.

Seahorses they were everywhere,
patted me to cheer me up even as they were in pair,
asked me to swim deeper if I needed air,
I would just listen as if I was in their care.

Deep-sea was dark until I see a brilliant shimmer,
think to myself there is always light somewhere you just dig deeper,
a bloom of jellyfish saw me out of breath to pick me up as I was no swimmer,
the light from the other side of the ocean was enough to keep my hopes glimmer.

Confused I was as there was now land below the sea,
a new world that I am yet to explore and see,
seahorses turned into real horses and galloped with me free,
told me there is always light at the end if you keep your faith in thee.
TS. 2020. Deep-sea exploration. Light at the end of the tunnel.
TS Ray Jan 2020
Time forgives no mortal soul,
yet immortality is unattainable goal.

Yesterday, I thought I had it under control,
today, I sulk at the thought of tomorrow,
tomorrow, I will be ruing about yesterday.

If time forgave,
I will never be in the present.

Keep going,
keep me honest,
TS. 2020.  It's about time!
TS Ray Jan 2020
It was easy like a Sunday Morning,
I am yet to get out of my bed longing,
Route 66 was still buzzing and calling,
love to send you pictures of hiding sun this morning.

Endless love is when you say,
Baby, I don’t care, let’s stay,
Tracks of my tears will tell you hey,
Wait for me until I’ll take you there faraway.

Memories are made of this you know,
Being all by myself and nothing to show,
Come join the dance with me even if you don’t owe,
I’ll show you purple rain as we dance slow.
TS. 2020. Poem
Based on song titles.
TS Ray Jan 2020
Once upon a time there lived this
    who traveled far,
       and renounced everything,
           until he came to Vegas.
TS. 2020.  Contest entry.
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