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Bryce Jan 2018
Sail with me onto the dreamy

Blackened waters evermore

Miles from the distant shore

Another world to call our own.

Perhaps there is no planet here,

No tranquil steppe to this precipitous realm

Where the pressure aches the whole way down

Weightless of a thousand atmospheres

My brain quakes a broken stone,

Transparent eyes in no place

This etherized abyss communicates

A world embarked from the known

Deeper, deeper must we go

Through the darkened deep thorough

A gift of its own; this fathomless dome

A grounding place to guide us home

A thousand times climb below,

A million spheres by stars unknown

And yet every night in moonlit sight

I swim from shore, a stolen beau

On fog-filled days I do not see

Time comes to pass without a scene

To skip along that broken sea

And return to toiling soils

For when the weather agrees, a diving odyssey

Where I sojourn that boundless time;

With a murky message from the void that pines

To a solemn soul's menagerie

Socketed-shapes rapidly move to trace

The walls of my sailing-quarter

Eyes wide-shut in dumbstruck horror

In the darkness; my pale face

Drowning in the pitch

Dismembered hands claw for the portal

In that frozen furled, immortal

Blind fringes skitter deep-dark fish

One day into this place I will sink

And of the land cease to think

To call unto other curious souls

From that eternal deep below
Shane Leigh Aug 2017
In the depths of the sea lay a cast away ship,
Lost to forces unseen.
At its bow lay frozen memories
Warped by coral,
Changed by the harsh touch of the currents,
Forcefully forgotten by time;
But, after a second glance, they seem to dance.
They dance,
Dance without care,
Shining vibrant colors and stinging tentacles
Flowing with ease through salty seas
They dance unaware.
In an instant ...
The music stops
And they freeze,
Like they had never been;
As graceful appendages turn to rock
And they fall to the depths like stones
Among Medusa’s hair.
© Shane Leigh
acacia Mar 2017
Dipped in blue waters,
tranquil vibes ebb and flow and it makes you cry.
Chambers echo and we float as our hair
catches the tides motion.
Silky bodies rubbed and collided,
lips crashing and noses touching.
The human anatomy respected
and designed by your powerful hand.
The touch and bruise of you.
Chambers echo as we dance in the sea,
creatures arise in curiosity.
I swim with you, we swim in unison.
Because the world is round it turns me on. Because the world is round. Because the sky is blue it makes cry. Because the sky is blue. Because the wind is high it blows my mind. Because the wind is high.

— The End —