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  Nov 2018 Brianna Kinyon
Confused and depressed
Not knowing what comes to life next
A promise that started so beautifully
He changed, and now, is he really ending it this slowly?

In the dark, while I savor the pain
I longed to be happy and then you came.
At a brisk, I let you in
Consumed my mind and invaded my soul.

Your eyes, I couldn’t help but stare
Your voice, that became music to my ear            
I wish the time was longer – that’s a shame
Why did I meet you at such a wrong fate?

How can I tell him about you?
You belong to someone else while I do too.
Albeit amiss, the times with you felt nothing but right;
Never was I this proud of the wrong, never in my life.

Lost with bewilderment, who does my heart choose?
HIM, the person that I have learned to love?
Or YOU, the person that suddenly caught my heart?
I’m guilty of even having to question myself that.

The negative thoughts, the guilt, the constant fear.
It has now started drowning me in.
I realized, this affected him and I wanted to do the right thing.
So, I had to choose him.
emotional affair love confuse
  Nov 2018 Brianna Kinyon
We pressed our lips together
and that made my knees go weak.
You ran your hands through my back
and that made me feel the heat.
But I know it's fresh and new now
and after some time, bored, you'll go away.
Guys have cruelly taught me
that nothing gold can stay.
  Nov 2018 Brianna Kinyon
careless kisses
fumbled apologies
clumsy hands

parched lips
thighs craving
eyes wandering

she thinks your lips
drip liquid gold
words like
gilded treasures
meandering between
the soft curve of your shape
drinking your nectar
Persephone's tether to Hades

working her way
she knows
it works

for when the gold
fades to ***** grey
your eyes
speak lies
yet your lips
beg me to stay

husk of the seed stale on my tongue
I do not move
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