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In a World surrounded by Me
there are;
Beautiful minds that show
what I can be capable of
Bodies that do things...
...things Mine has a potential for

Humans are Me
Me in different colourful forms
I am Human
Human in a colourful form

In a World surrounded by remarkable Me's
What can I do, to pay my due
To contribute and excel
Excel, in all my nature given gifts

To remember that
In a world where I am human
and humans are me
I have the ability to be remarkable too

As human in a colourful form
I can paint uniquely in the role I am meant to play
never to envy, never to hate, but to be
To be Human in a world surrounded by Me
Don't worry, seeking your purpose or the role you play on earth is a very human thing to do. You are on time.
Oct 2020 · 51
It will be well
You will remember these days as history,
thankful, and grateful for your struggles
The blood spilled will have justice

You will look back to today
Thankful for creating a better Nigeria
You will look back to today
grateful you didn't give up
This poem is dedicated to the protest and unrest currently going on in Nigeria.
May 2020 · 13
You should know me
well enough,
to know that I don't linger
where i am not wanted.
Jan 2020 · 162
And that time came
After those feverish anticipation
The time to let go
Dec 2019 · 39
Just You
I think of you
like it what i need
I think of you
even  though it seems toxic
I think of you
like my next breath

when will my mind turn logical?
when will i become free?
when will your memories let me go?

I think of you
because i have no choice
I think of you
because i can't seem to stop
Oct 2019 · 202
Its ticking
Chances are draining and I am waiting
The line is stretching and I might give in
feed me or I might be fed by another
it is a gift you're tossing
a diamond you're losing
the best thing that is slipping

Slipping into the hands of another
Words you didn't say were said by another
Actions you didn't perform were done by another
Things you didn't notice were admired by another
It is slipping and the best thing might be leaving

The clock is ticking and you are losing
The other is waiting for the trophy
Its time for checking and you got nothing
You never remembered when you gave up the best thing

That best thing that ever happened to you is lost to the other.
Don't leave potential needs in life hanging, you might regret after it is being taken away. #regrets#pastimes
May 2019 · 157
The cold wind blows in
I stand to close my window
But then I stopped
I think of the children out there
Freezing in the air of winter

My heart aches,
What can I do to help?
Little as I was I felt the pain
I thought of everything I had
And realized how blessed I am

Once upon a time,
I loved to spend
Never cared for anyone but me
Once upon a time
I wanted wealth
Once upon a time'

But yesterday,
A revolutionary born in me
My reincarnation I believe to be
I dedicate my life, not to wealth and power
But to the life of others

Today as I lay under my warm blanket
With the rain drumming on my roof
And the wind swishing on the wall
I remember those outside
With no blanket, no roof, no wall
Then I knew, without doubt
My goal in life.
#humanity #empathy
May 2019 · 179
The dawn is here
though thought to be the longest hour

the love we had
is something related to the past

the bond we shared
has been broken into a thousand pieces

my trust in you
is something you can never get back

I love you, I did
I loved you, I do
both are true
Dec 2018 · 255
It has been so long
so long since I last paid attention
seems like I gave up
you have taken control
now am glad
the shortest poem I have ever written
Nov 2018 · 267
From my favorite moments, I write
From my memorable moments, I remember
Times I need one thing
Times I had wanted it
I had the power to choose

I should have read the rules
Rules of your game
But no my need and wants
Blinded me

Cursing daybreak
Complain daytime
Someone made my hobby
You! Made my hobby
Into something boring!

Events of the past
Memories of our history
What could be more hunting?
than present regrets…

Taking time
I analyze what should have been
But decisively it ends the same

Floods of guilt streams in
Am I at fault or not?
Too fragile to handle
I escape into my walls
My defense fortress

Hoping upon hope
Daylight will break in
Exposing me to what I have missed

Upon hope, I hope
This was all a passing phase
Faith in what I see you claimed
“I have faith in what I see”
I was told and I hope its still true.
... what were the words you said?
...hope you remember
Oct 2018 · 828
Take me to your dream world
Are you sure you are ready to come?
So sure let’s run together and never look back
You won’t change your mind, would you?
Just promise you won’t leave my hand
I promise

I have lived on a hope of false promises
But now nature gave me faith again
The stars sing to me .be strong!
The moon hums to me .believe!
My dreams became higher
My beloved became lost.

It seems like a thousand years ago.
Time past I wonder what would have been
Nature made me believe I can forge ahead
Still, I do not regret the past
These promises I’ve made
Gives me faith in my dream

Not in my wildest dreams have I dreamt
Not in fate actions have I believed
Bro from heaven! We meet in here
Here where dreams come true
Here where hopes are fulfilled
Here where friends are made
Here where trust is built
Fate as cunning as she is
Brought us here …………
Here in Hearts  Academy
Here in Ashinaga kokorojuku.
my  life is moving faster than I thought I never knew I would meet my long lost crush here
Oct 2018 · 11.4k
He was imperfect
He was young
She loved him
She was crazy
She wasn’t so pretty
He loved her

He had doubts
He had challenges
She loved him
She was naïve
She was carefree
He loved her

He was smart
He was cute
She loved him
She got brains
She had talent
He loved her

He lied
He cheated
She loved him
He became rude
He was difficult
She loved him

He was scared
He was reckless
She cared
He was arrogant
He was insensitive
She was hurt

He ignored her
He hurt her more
She became different
He cheated more
He cheated carelessly
She ignored him

He became scarce
He cut off ties
She survived
He was addicted
He was pitiful
She had empathy

He fell
She brought him up
He got sick
She nursed him to health
She slipped
He didn’t catch her
He got into trouble
She turned her back on him

He wanted her back
She didn’t
It was too late
She felt nothing for him

She was,
A diamond he got
She was,
A diamond he lost
Oct 2018 · 182
The sky is light
The sky is dark
Brighten only by the star and the sun
So which do I choose for my sky?

Shadows of evening sets in
My choice undecided
Looking up I see my sun setting
My last chance to decide my fate
What then do you think I should choose?

Time past, I lost my chance
To choose the sun
Stuck here, alone and lost
With the stars not bright enough
Then I saw you
Your eyes more sparking than the stars
More sharp than the sun
Gleaming with blinding light.

My hopes revived then
Realization dawned on me
I don’t need the sun
I don’t need the stars
I need just you to brighten up my life
I accept my choice
Neither is it the sun or the stars
But the love I found is
The brightest  light in the darkness
I might be a child
I might be crazy
But I think everybody deserves the same plate
Would you trade me for your life?
Would you believe me even when all evidence contradicts my words?
Tell me the worst thing you think I can do
Can you convince me that I am not wrong even when I feel bad?

Will I be able to find in you that friend that I need ……
Are you my friend in need or will you prove to be my friend indeed
If you don’t have faith in me, why then do you laugh with me
I feel scared because I am surrounded by phonies
Like though am In Hollywood
How then do I act when I have fake friends?

I had trusted but wasn’t trusted in return
I had cared but wasn’t cared for in return
You claim you love me
But behind you stab me
Why then should I love you?
Your words are like that of an experienced poet
Sweet and soothing
But in truth you are venomous

Do not get me wrong
You made me this way
You created this version of me I never knew existed
But I ask myself why then should I give you that right?
The right to mar or make me
In truth, I doubt you are worth my time
Fake friends don’t fall in my list of love

Trust when broken cannot be repaired
You lost the best thing that can ever happen to you
Now I wonder where these thoughts come from.
Are my words cruel or is it deserving?
I am in a state of confusion
Tell me where my faith lies
How then should I act with fake friends, I ask again?
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
Ladies of Hawaii

Once in a blue moon
I see a wishing star
Once in a blue moon
We get an opportunity
Once in a blue moon
I make lasting bonds

Here we got a chance
To decide
We get friends each day
But the question is;
Who is going to be there for you?

Voices whisper
From the heart they say
Make bonds that can’t break
Have crazy friends
Have funny friends
Have real friends

Like the moon, Betty smiles
Like the sun, Patience sparkles
Like the stars, Maryann twinkles
Like the sky, Karen is bright
Like the rain, Celsia is cool
Like the cloud, Josi is crystal
And I the wind

To my dorm mates, I dedicate this
Hawaii we named it
Through adversities, we fall
Through accomplishments, we rise
We stand tall
We stand strong
We stand proud
We’ve moved forward
We’ve achieved all

To them to Hawaii girls
You make my day.

— The End —