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And that time came
After those feverish anticipation
The time to let go
Chances are draining and I am waiting
The line is stretching and I might give in
feed me or I might be fed by another
it is a gift you're tossing
a diamond you're losing
the best thing that is slipping

Slipping into the hands of another
Words you didn't say were said by another
Actions you didn't perform were done by another
Things you didn't notice were admired by another
It is slipping and the best thing might be leaving

The clock is ticking and you are losing
The other is waiting for the trophy
Its time for checking and you got nothing
You never remembered when you gave up the best thing

That best thing that ever happened to you is lost to the other.
Don't leave potential needs in life hanging, you might regret after it is being taken away. #regrets#pastimes
The cold wind blows in
I stand to close my window
But then I stopped
I think of the children out there
Freezing in the air of winter

My heart aches,
What can I do to help?
Little as I was I felt the pain
I thought of everything I had
And realized how blessed I am

Once upon a time,
I loved to spend
Never cared for anyone but me
Once upon a time
I wanted wealth
Once upon a time'

But yesterday,
A revolutionary born in me
My reincarnation I believe to be
I dedicate my life, not to wealth and power
But to the life of others

Today as I lay under my warm blanket
With the rain drumming on my roof
And the wind swishing on the wall
I remember those outside
With no blanket, no roof, no wall
Then I knew, without doubt
My goal in life.
#humanity #empathy
The dawn is here
though thought to be the longest hour

the love we had
is something related to the past

the bond we shared
has been broken into a thousand pieces

my trust in you
is something you can never get back

I love you, I did
I loved you, I do
both are true
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