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Each and every new dawn is a chance to weave a web of fresh new thoughts and create a new reality
For today is full of presents, pre-sent to you as a reminder that the future is held in the now moments
©Sonia Ettyang
Be present and enjoy every minute of it:)
Dense forest
Lush greenery
Clear skies
Crispy air
Bare feet
Dropped leaves
Bloomed petals
Chirping birds
Whistling wind
Dancing trees
This is where I belong
A place where silence speaks
And my spirit runs free
I'm a wild heart
So send me out into the woods
I meant for the wild
This is my haven
I'm a wild heart
Come let's take a walk on the wild side
Experience liberty
Feel the tranquility
Enjoy the epiphany
Eliminate the illusory
© Sonia Ettyang
#wildheart #freespirit #nature

© JL Smith
9-Word Story using #Rainbows
 Oct 2018 TheMystiqueTrail
you Wait
until you feel like you again

i'm still
Advice from mum,
For my little ones,interesting some.
A hug and a kiss when they cry,
Will make their tears dry.
Always take time to listen,
See how their faces brighten.
Children have fears,
Just hold them tight dear,
Soon their tension will disappear.
Young minds love to explore,
To be messy they adore,
Your anger turnoff,
Dirt washes off.
About anything when they question,
Answer them without hesitation.
Be good in your attitude and speech,
For them to have strong characters you will teach.
Housework will never end,
Be silly, open up and giggle and be their friend.
Cherish every cuddle,
They won't be with you forever after all.
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