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time passes
as seconds
when we meet

but it slows
as the mount carrying burdens
and in its holes filling with loads
when we are wide

when i saw you
i forget the world
except your shiney smile

when you go
my heart is off
and escaped after you

it is your prisoner
and wish it lasts for ever
the meeting times between lovers seemed to be good and passed as blinks, but when theu became wide it passes so slow
during my wait
there is a question
from heart
my heart

no it does not
belongs to one
you know

i know
the first steal happens
immediately at once
stealing occurs

it could go
i got happiness
my eyes sees blossoms

open every pulse
doing by my heart
sorry, it becomes your heart

so it feared
who belongs to that cute
be  worry to be dismissed
the time goes good when your smile attends and my heart shows your face
You promised not to
let go
You promised not to

You promised you'll never
look back
You promised you'll never

You promised not to
break me
You promised not to
rip my heart

You promised you'll never
make me cry
You promised you'll never
leave me

You promised not to ever break any of your promises
Your words not mine
the life will go
with our souls
which move this bad waves

these surrounding our boat
which will float
and resists every worst

life is deserved
to show your brilliant
the lifeu is desrved to live and gain every point of happiness and not to look to the harmful and worst things
i hope you are happy
your smile shines to spread ray
your world gives you nearest funny
equalise with your , your
he was hesitating to tell her , her cute, we wrote little words
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