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  Nov 2019 Camryn
I regret everything.
I regret falling in love.
I regret leaving.
I regret opening up.
I regret hurting so many.
I regret being desperate.
I regret changing.
I regret running away.
I regret staying.
I regret turning away.
I regret meaning everything.
I regret feeling unsafe.
I regret playing games.
I regret loving.
I regret caring.
I regret it all.
Camryn Apr 2019
Standing on the stage
surrounded by light,
My friends beside me,
the cheering of delight.

The future looks bright and clear
but soon that all disappears

the audience leaves
the lights go off
my friends change and leave
and I am left standing in the dark
waiting for the next show.
I tried a different approach to this one
  Oct 2018 Camryn
Anoushka Jain
Hermione taught me,
Never dumb down.
Prim whispered,
It's Okay to fall down.
Ginny smiled,
Don't stop loving, He'll come around.

Katniss screamed,
Seize the fire.
The doctor whispered,
Rose Tyler-

Haymitch scorned,
The people need to be raised!
Snape replied,

Okay, so we conflict.
Our thoughts fight.
But whichever fandom we follow,
As a fangirl, we unite.
Books have been the reason of many people's survival, today. So, as a fangirl, here's a tribute to books.
Camryn Oct 2018
You go through life
Trying to live everyday,
keeping your head held high,
and not care what people say.

But it’s hard to ignore,
When people look at you,
and whisper quietly,
talking to people you knew.

Their judgemental glances,
and the tone in your voices,
judging your looks
and judging your choices.

So stick to your friends,
and block out your foe,
Because you have great qualities,
More than you know.
  Oct 2018 Camryn
Marissa Calderon
so what happens
when the person who was your oxygen
cuts off your air supply.

you wait
and gasp for air where there is none
and then you die.
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