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Afeli Jul 2018
Where in my horoma we are aube,
Running towards eternity.
Where it is calmorous yet so hushed,
our jitters and serenity meet head on.
Where we're galaxies, massive, and free of care, Where we are
rivers running free; towards infinity.
Afeli Jul 2018
You remind me of simple joys :
Like the touch of a comfy blanket,
Like soft murmurs of love,
Like a walk in nature,
Like a splash in a puddle,
Like writing a poem;
Like writing a poem about you.
Afeli May 2018
Remarkably colossal
Nevertheless endeared in my embrace, I comf'rt and buss't
Harked't breathe s'renly
Gazed't making itself rested.
Wherefore thee ask
F'r I'm infinitely devoted to the moon.
To mine own moon.
I'm in love with 'the moon' and my boyfriend is my moon.
Afeli May 2018
The moon and i
Share a chaste tie-in
The moon running along, we peregrinate to umpteen dwellings; unceasingly together.
I'm in love with the moon since I was a kid.
Afeli Apr 2018
Craters from your past, they glow,the glow of bittersweet episodes.
I'm captivated.
Curled up in craters, a view of imperfect perfection.
Your skin is as a bug in a rug,tanned from lives, rush of recherché to my body through my palms.
What are you dreaming of?
A hitch of breathing, parting the clouds;my troubles have parted.
Me? (are you dreaming of me)
The sun?
Shining bright in your thoughts, I can hear your moon dust giggling about.
It's me, isn't it?
It's his birthday.... So I wrote something hahaha
Afeli Apr 2018
A gift of his childhood,
His eyes clutch a tint of yellow.

The engagingness and fascination of the gift; depreciated.
Plunging in to the urn of gifts, my extremity latches on to the pleasingness of the yellow tint.
I with all my hearts desire,consign to the oblivion

~yellow tint.
When my boyfriend was a kid he suffered from jaundice,which took a long time to heal due to which his eyes have a natural yellow colour, which I'm in love with.
Afeli Apr 2018
Pouring rain, thunder storms,
You lay beside me, I can feel your chest rise and fall.
Pouring rain, thunder storms,
Your breath on my arm feels pleasant and warm.
Pouring rain, thunder storms,
I hope I get to feel this to infinity and beyond.
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