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SamanthaX May 2020
I wonder what
that gave you those
shotgun hands
Designing silence
When words go blind
faith gets violent

The things that
use to fill my days
are gone
A line was crossed
Forced madness won
Once you see
you see
you always saw

And I’m always
Breaking the law
Breaking the law
But who’s law
governs all?

on the wall
watching you crawl

I watched you
It’s a long fall
SamanthaX May 2020
I saw you through
dawns of
Smoking cigarettes
into four quarters
So far from home
I had forgotten
my way
And the seasons went by
and I kept waiting
to feel something inside
In the requiem of
With my tear drops at

They say God is dead
But I’m still breathing
And bleeding
Falling victim
and believing
Now it’s getting
having company
without the

I’m the type of girl
who is loved through
Left all alone
I gnawed on
your bones
that were dipped
in honey
they tasted so
and I was so

Looking back at
of being trapped
in time
Reflecting on the
before it knew
the sky
Now I close my eyes
Lay me down to rest
I want to be made
empty again

Living just for today
The sun is inviting
But I turn it away
SamanthaX Mar 2020
Maybe I’ll never write again
My words will turn to ash
in my mouth
Ink will bleed
Rust and blood
This vintage pen will break

Is this all that I am
Rhythm and syllables
Confined by definition
Complying and lying
And hesitate questions

I got no use for a name anyways
And I’m always over complicating
the simplest of things

The moon is smiling
between telephone wires
Venus is crying
So I sleep alone
And over Gods eyes
I close the blinds

Now time begins to move
right through me
I’m trying to delegate time
But it’s catching up to me

The sun is rising
To empty street views
The Sirens are singing
Their calling for you

So lay your sins down
to rot in summer backyards
where the children go and play
Let them pick them up
Let them learn a few things
SamanthaX Mar 2020

I’ve been awake for so long
now I’ve begun dreaming
And I’ve been to the end where the dreams lay in secret
It’s 8 am and I’m no longer sleeping

I’ve buried a few bones in my years
And the end of today is near
As the apocalypse kissed my lips
Hearts start to skip
Monsters and hero’s
Lipstick on mirrors
My vision grows clearer
Now I’m seeing
the casual miracles

As I break free
55 petals fell onto me
Red roses
Red roses
I’ve met the immortals
Its the race to become God
And I almost had lost it
SamanthaX Mar 2020
The Red Moon waits above
The Dead City lights
The Director of Elements
Queen of the Sky
The 4 Sacred Winds
were given new life
Listen to the breath
of howling Death
As a New Sun rises
coming up in the West

Chronicle catastrophes
Confrontation of concrete cities
Calling for the confessions of cruel
A cunning currency became the ruler
Civilians were converted to complying consumers
Condemning the cultures causing them to crumble

Creating social confusion
Convincing the masses
That the Kingdom of Heaven
belonged to the high ranking classes
Compassion cries in its coffin
Credit cards turned graves
Raising the rates as corpses decay
But Death was always free
Never required a fee
So let it be written on the graves

“From debt to death prices were paid”
SamanthaX Mar 2020
I saw the angel of death riding on the back of a pick up truck
Emergency room pit stops
Picking cigarettes up
I just wanted an excuse for death to pick me up
The night never stops
and there was nothing
I could do
to sober up

But God sits back and
lights up a
Inhaling life into
the Dead
Satisfied at a job
well done
SamanthaX Feb 2020
~ Time pasted like the breath of one
sky into the next
For everyday in every hour we had lived our death
Now I see time is a dream
And all the things you said keep running in my head ~

There is a story inside of me
It sings in a velvet rich voice that is heard across the eleven skies
Of order and chaos and how Death had made its home inside of me
It screamed and it begged to be liberated
But I tamed that wild beast
And now I no longer fear death
It is my guest
It is my friend

And I wish my words could deliver you from fear
And I wish my words could deliver you to paradise
And I wish I could describe just how simple this paradox is or was or never really was
And if you could only understand the sacrifice I had made to be able to enter this metaphysical place with such grace

And lately it seems in silent nights when I cannot sleep in the mirror I look at myself and ask the same question
Over and over
Do you see what I see?
Do you?
And I know you do because just like you
I see everything too
But can you feel everything?
Or hear everything like I do?
If you could would you shatter like I did?
Your broken pieces cutting broken pieces of me
A million shards stealing my reflection upon reflection

Who have I become now?
Have I become infinite?
Have I become algorithmic?
Or am I still just another statistic?
And how long will it take for me to catch myself?

Will I wander forever in search
Lost in this fast paced abyss
Am I a sleeping princess
waiting for a charmed kiss
A kiss on the lips
that will bleed your name
Screaming in vain
in the glittering ghettos
that delivered social pain

My memories of you were written in
the hands of Heaven
I recorded the stories you told to the last syllable in time
And that was the last time I did ever hear from you
Hidden in the eloquent smoke and shadows
At the edge of the world where the barricades of Heaven fell
And only in the darkness
is the truth found
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