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e l l Sep 18
quickly losing interest
in being alive
stardust fizzling out
melted butter
e l l Sep 2
he is not the same
as the ones that hurt you.
so why convince yourself
to run from something beautiful
when it has only just begun?
e l l Aug 29
we spent a lot of time on us
only to find it was wasted
like buying binge food
and purging it into the toilet.

you act like you care
now that i push you away.
i ask for space
and you gravitate towards me.

i feel hollow
like my empty stomach
but i like it
maybe you will like it too.
e l l Aug 11
i’m at this threshold,
dealing with so many unnecessary obstacles.

i’m letting all of them hold me back
because it is easier to be a victim
than a victor.
e l l Aug 9
too temperamental.
it is either
or one hundred.

not in a good way.  

each word she speaks
brings up that boiling bubble of stress
in my chest cavity.

how can i take
my own insecurities
and feelings of inferiority
out on her

while maintaining
my egotistical
self image?

become slow to anger.
for the good of yourself
and every soul around you.
e l l Aug 9
i can’t help but stare at the ceiling
what else is there to do at midnight
when everyone else is preoccupied
and i am wandering aimlessly through life
  Jul 28 e l l
1.Pain is temporary, if you give up now, it’ll last forever

2. You don’t drown by falling into the water, you drown by staying there

3. If your ship doesn’t come in to you, swim out to meet it

4. The greatest limitations of life are the ones we put on ourselves.  

5. Never confuse a few defeats for a final defeat

6.  Staying alive is the greatest revenge to spite depression and people

7.  What if you were a survivor? Rather than another tragic statistic

8.  Imagine your loved one being haunted by finding you in such a state

Bonus:  If you are strong enough to be capable of killing yourself, then you are strong enough to live. ~
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