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this is she Apr 2019
A smile that could keep a town alight
Dazzling eyes that shone like oceanic waters
I could drown in the cheekbones
And the words that make up your persona
As beautiful as an American Beauty
btw I have a college deposit due in a week, and am strapped for cash. My commissions are open, so please contact me if you are interested in poems.
this is she Apr 2019
You were as stoic as a monument
Your pictures shined like sunflowers
I was held motionless in my spot
Lips pursed like a question mark
Your hair swept over like a wave
I couldn’t help but feel that a storm was coming
this is about a guy that i feel will end up like this
this is she Jul 2018
i sat in my mother's truck for the first time in a week
his hair covered the cab seats
and stuck to my pants
i noticed his collar on the dash
all dogs die
but maybe they go to heaven
my dog passed away a week ago from yesterday. i feel so much grief, and i feel so guilty even though i didnt do anything. so heres an emo poem.
this is she Jul 2018
i walk inside the cathedral
and take a breath
you crashed my heart
so i'm crashing yours
this is she Jun 2018
i tried to drown out all my sorrows with some iced coffee
i ran with sage around my halls but yet you still haunt me
i holed myself up in my room and said i wasnt there
i still recall the day i lost it all and shorn off my hair
but im still here
im still breathing
i havent stopped living
even though i feel
first part of a song i have

— The End —