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Dear Harshi,




"Farty Face"
"Burpy ***"
Will never waste
an ounce of love.

Hot snot
and bogey pie
his children are
the apple of his eye.

There's a hole in my bucket
Dear Liza
All that have met
come off much the wiser

Chicken Curry
****** Up
Minced Meat and mash
Come on better hurry
gotta speed up
We don't need lots of cash
to enjoy this michelin starred grub.
I'm also my Dad's son, I mentioned that, right?
 Apr 2020 Michelle
John Donne
She’s dead; and all which die
To their first elements resolve;
And we were mutual elements to us,
And made of one another.
My body then doth hers involve,
And those things whereof I consist hereby
In me abundant grow, and burdenous,
And nourish not, but smother.
My fire of passion, sighs of air,
Water of tears, and earthly sad despair,
Which my materials be,
But near worn out by love’s security,
She, to my loss, doth by her death repair,
And I might live long wretched so
But that my fire doth with my fuel grow.
Now as those Active Kings
Whose foreign conquest treasure brings,
Receive more, and spend more, and soonest break:
This (which I am amazed that I can speak)
This death hath with my store
My use increased.
And so my soul more earnestly released
Will outstrip hers; as bullets flown before
A latter bullet may o’ertake, the powder being more.

A Drunkard cannot meet a Cork
Without a Revery—
And so encountering a Fly
This January Day
Jamaicas of Remembrance stir
That send me reeling in—
The moderate drinker of Delight
Does not deserve the spring—
Of juleps, part are the Jug
And more are in the joy—
Your connoisseur in Liquours
Consults the Bumble Bee—
 Apr 2020 Michelle
Smoke Scribe
I am the smoke of return and rest,
sky inscribing,
knowing your precise needs and the
screams and the years unfair taken,
screened through five perceptions

I am the word weaver
setting the loom for each peculiar requisition,
a havened place of restoration
as best I can,
for this weaving my eye’s recollections
no imagination needed

imagine that
 Apr 2020 Michelle
Dave Robertson
One: my life spins in small circles
that very infrequently stretch
to somewhere as far as Benidorm

Two: that after 12 years married
she’s right about most things
so I’ll listen more

Three: a lot of annoying stuff
is dust in a much bigger wind
so look for the wins

Four: the kids are what it’s for
and all their silliness, fear and anger
is a handle to clutch on to

Five: we are here and alive
and we should forever
fight to keep it so
 Apr 2020 Michelle
Mike Hauser
I walked past my pantry
Late one Friday night
To the sounds of what appeared to be
The goings on of a party inside

I grabbed a hold the latches
Swung wide open the door
With absolutely no earthly idea
Of what was soon in store

Colorful lights were flashing
Somewhere in the back
I moved aside the ketchup and mayo
To see where it was at

I took out the pickles and saltine's
So I could better see
What all the commotion was inside
Of my food pantry

That's when I saw the flashing lights
Inside the jar of Nutella
I picked it up right away
Me being a some what curious fella

As I held it at eye level
It vibrated in my hands
In what felt like a driving rhythm
From a 70's Disco band

Can't say I wasn't nervous
As I loosened up the lid
No telling what was going on inside
What dangers lay ahead

With both hands slightly shaking
I removed the rounded top
There was a party in the making
And it was going on non stop

The Nutella had it's boogie on
Or if you prefer, it's groove
Whatever you wish to call it
A party was the mood

There was a strobe light and confetti
Even a tiny Disco ball
As I gazed over the edge of the jar
I saw banners wall to wall

I guess you could say Nutella
Is quite the party treat
That may cost you at the grocery store
But once home the cover charge is free

— The End —