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Jay M Aug 2019
Tired eyes
Blank face
Staring into the void
An emptiness
Absence of mind
Simply a shell
Left to wander
Without knowing
Brought back to reality
What did I miss?

- Jay M
August 26th, 2019
zh Nov 2017
I feel nothing
maybe I feel a cloud that only rains in my presence but
I really feel nothing

Sometimes I see myself
in the googles of someone else who is far
very far,
watching me on a screen
and whenever I start to feel
I can feel someone else overriding
my control of myself
I am pushed to the very backseat
despite calling shotgun.

I feel nothing
except for Zeus' anger
at the ***** of my feet
in the form of volcanic lava
bubbling and toiling
as it overrides the meniscus boundary
but now
I am here
I am here
in my car in the driver's seat
I don't have to call shotgun
because my unconscious
yes, mine
my unconscious is all mine
and now,
I have never felt more alive.

But the lava always cools and resides,
despite the internal temperature,
solidifying only to be melted again
and I am where I belong
I am right in the backseat.
Eleanor Rigby Nov 2016
Watery hands
Dripping from my own
Before the mirror.
Juggling with the unseen
Parts of me.

Portraits of the dearest ones
Long dead and gone
They're zooming out
I am zoning out.

--Eleanor Rigby
Ara Oct 2016
Drawing out the words it contains,
To my cigarette, it lights its flame

Reaching for the blunt-reverse psychology
It turns around, burns its hole inside of me

So my lungs continue to thicken
Fog that will reverse my death from a quicken

Keeping me out of reality infinitely
So my cigarettes become my life
My poetry

— The End —