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Jen Jo Sep 2015
Heavy rain
Alone in my humble chamber
Shadows of the droplets hitting the side of the windows

I remember
I remember your smile
I remember the ways you talk and you
The way the sun rays hit on you that day when we said good bye

All I can do is to remember you
Nothing more
Not knowing tomorrow will be a bright new different day
Jen Jo Sep 2015
The way you look at her
I hate it too much
The way you see the world
I love it too much

It's beautiful

But you have no room for me
So I bury my thoughts
Thinking one day they'll sink right into the ocean
Wondering if death would ever set me free

Keep sinking
Keep sinking
I just keep sinking

You don't even care
You don't even care
And I know
Someone you love but you can never owe
Jen Jo Sep 2015
You better run
The quicker the better
You better run
Run, run away from this place

You better hide
You better hide
Quick, you should be hiding by now
Hide, hide from this place

There's no place for you
There's no place for you here
There's no place for someone like you

You don't have to be here
Being at where you ain't made for
Jen Jo Jun 2015
I don't belong here

But I don't belong anywhere else either
Jen Jo Jun 2015
Sadness can be such a weight

Enough to drag me straight into depths
And leave me drowning

Screaming for help but dead stuck
Jen Jo Jun 2015
Hey Mr. Grumpy

Why do you have to hate me so much?
Is it the way I talk, or the way I dress? Or just the way I'm

Please don't hate me so much
Jen Jo Feb 2015
Because your heart is icy cold

So cold that it haunts me
Day and night
It haunts me enough to become my habit

Day and night
It's your icy cold heart that keeps me alive
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