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Eiram N Aug 2017
There’s a silent invisible in every person
And in you it strains to be read,
Like the creased pages of a forgotten diary
Spilling delicious secrets not meant to be shared

Like you it begs for the unspoken cue
From the boy who would tilt his head and listen,
But until then the mental melody you weave most beautifully
Knows only the tear tracks on your cheeks that glisten.

So on the day your voice slips through the cracks,
The cobweb dreams you bottled up in fear set free
I pray they won’t grow weary with unuse;
I pray he’ll let hear your silent muse,
ring crystal with no apology.
The silent invisible in this poem can be taken to mean different things, hidden secrets, discarded dreams, hopes, memories, troubles, ideals.

I wrote this last week feeling rather contemplative. Always wonder whether the passing of time will yield my share of thoughts to be spoken and who is it that will take the effort to listen to their worth. I guess it’s because I’ve confided in the wrong people in the past which led to poor consequences so now I’m more careful about the people whom I choose to share them with...
Nonetheless, my silent invisible still strains to be heard.
Zero Nine Mar 2017
I'm not going to lie to you -- this time
Your look is the gravity pulling me down
Body by self, smell hair in your armpits
Books on the shelf stare back, bare backs
Maybe stretched out, two queers in a **** affair
could be lovers over distance, for instance
Rap time's door wanting to find love in there
We're both too busy. Fat by pelvic bones,
Butter on the hips, love means nothing
to the moment's dissent. Get your grip, too
a palm to the face a squeeze on a ***,
how does it feel up and down a woman with a ****?

You're smarter and harder than all of
my experience. Tattoos in ChiTown, pierced
lips -- upstairs -- ******* cancer on the waterfront
Who's carcinogen? Whose carcinogen crush
on a T with a blunt is worse than the other one?
I got plain Jane I got ground game
while you got the stratosphere. I got mono
You got amory. I want bite marks, I want red neck,
I want dinner of insides with a held head
I want four legs opened up
I want bodies shared in trust
I keep trying to shut this ******* voice.
It won't work
Caught myself amidst the wilderness
Where I was neither born nor raised
It always appeared so, so strange a place
No place for a child

My heart resided in the certain and familiar
Now I wonder where it longs to take me
Desire's inbound with unflinching insistence
But perceived reasons stake me to the ground

Curious odors, pulsating flashes, prickling noises, voracious appetites
The atmosphere overwhelms me senseless
Am I here to enjoy or to observe?
My chains answer with invisible weight

Now comes the rainbow-colored mist
Is this a magician's home--a flourishing disguise?
Sparks and shadows scatter into the expanse
All I see is a vista like the blessing skybox

Desire will you take me?
Lead the boy out of his crib built by the safe
Who are one and the same
Sitting, allowing the box for forge us

A light of the mist careen's my way
Its pleasant sting spreads, boundaries finally disintegrate
Remains litter the ground, I'm finally free
I'm finally lost

— The End —