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Brittany Hall Nov 2018
If you can't handle me at my brutally honest, then you don't deserve me.
Can you handle it?
Every drop parts and rains
Along with the broken promise of the sun.
The thunder threatens the world of sleep
Where children dream with their mother's fancy.
The lamp's dead cotton sits lost in thoughts
Only to peep again with blazing eyes.
You, my love, also forgot me .
Who rules the kingdom of destruction ?
When the light withdrew from the lamp's lips,
I sat and counted promises of the day.
Who keeps his words precious for ever..?
Where is the promise not brutally killed...?

             MUHAMMED RAFEEK E

Originally published by Better than Starbucks
Britney Lyn Oct 2017
I'm brutally in love with you.
My lungs have no air, my heart has no beat.
My body has no warmth without you.
Please love me roughly so I can feel what it's like to be alive again.
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
Your birth may drag you into a brutally depraved world, yet it also bring you into a beautiful place remember that

— The End —