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Anything is everything
Day In and Night Out

Right here in this moment
Instead of apart

Exchanging deep whispers
Loving our touch

Forgetting the hours
Reacting with kisses

Instead of strangers
Growing as lovers

Lingering moments
Affirming we should be one.
A name
A person
A man
A dream
A reality
A lover
There is something in his smile
            maybe those tiny teeth
                  or just his pink lips

But he got me at Mom
         with his tiny sweet voice
                he was just months old

And I'm needing him daily
       his tiny hand holding mine
               telling me I love you
Can you believe me?
        My son, my baby, my life
                My everything, cutie pie

My tiny blessing.
All of a sudden I needed to write this for my youngest son. I love my 3+1 so much, don't get me wrong, I love them equally. But these words came to me thinking about my Jack-Jack.
If I could wipe your tears,
If I could bring you peace,
Know I would
If I could silence the screams,
If I could face your fears,
Know I would.
But tonight, while the moon lights
I'll drink your sins,
I'll grip your hand so you don't fall,
Know I will
I'll push the demons away,
I'll stay with you,
Know I will.
Tonight my friend I'll keep company with you down the twisted way.
A promise I've made to any I call friend.
Febronia Ventura Dec 2019
This is a promise;
And making to myself.
It’s not a New Year’s resolution,
But a new way to live.

I know that you love me,
More like you care.
Sadly, the passion is gone,
A man is not there.

I just got tired
Of looking for you
To ask you to love me
To tell you “I’m here.”

And now I feel naked,
But only inside,
No passion, no feelings,
Just thoughts of my life.

And this is my promise
To avoid looking for you
Stay with yourself
Just leave me alone.

The desire I’m feeling
With time should disappear
You left me in coldness
You did it, you’re free
When you continuously make an effort to be with your significant other, but he/she jokes around to avoid being with you.
Febronia Ventura Feb 2019
‪“I’m not going anywhere,”  he promised her last night.‬

‪But she had already left weeks before.‬
Febronia Ventura Jan 2019
We had been together
For a decade or so
The struggles began
With your first "no."

No time for a hug
Much less for a kiss
You just wanted more.
Money, that is.

Our life was so simple
I loved it that way
Details were fading
and secrets appeared

"I'm staying a bit later,
you know how to work it is."
I didn't have any doubts
I believed you, I did.

Withdrawal some money
No reasons explained
You seem happy
while not being with me

You hated explaining
"I can do what I want."
As a wife I was ready
But the husband was not

The papers are ready
My hand holds the pen
What started with lies
Ends with my name.
Secrets between couples are the worst. A Lie can destroy families, even those who feel secure and strong.
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