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Organized Chaos Jun 2019
Mirrors show physical traits about you
what people may see on the outside.
They don't reflect the demons within
or the battles that happen inside.

So next time you look at someone
through the reflection of your eyes.
Don't ever forget to not judge
to love and help them rise.
Organized Chaos Apr 2019
I wish I was smarter
I wish I had money
I wish for attention
****** desires
My flesh wishes all these things
but my spirit yearns for truth
If I would have it my way
my spirit would wish for me to turn away
Organized Chaos Jan 2019
Love is simple
love is precious
love is something you are.
Maybe if we stop
treating it as an object
our purpose wouldn't seem so far.
Organized Chaos Dec 2017
Every morning at the crack of dawn,
after the alarm has ceased.
Sitting up so quietly
as to not disturb the peace.

"Thank You for all the blessings,
and for giving me this beautiful day."
Hands clasped, eyes shut,
at the bed while i kneel and pray.

Thinking of all the ugly out there
how we need You every hour.
i see the corruption and selfishness
that people tend to desire.

Listening to others, what's on their mind
their hearts are not where they should be.
i can't just sit and start judging around
because that devil was once inside of me.

Back to the past when i ran rampant
i didn't have a care in the world.
Lust, drunkenness, even a hate for You,
my life started to become unfurled.

But You never gave up on me, for You are faithful
even when i was lost in the dark.
Your light shine forth, straight through my heart.
All i needed was that glorious spark.

Even after i knew You, i've done You wrong
when all You showed me was Your love.
Your grace, peace, love, and comfort
bring tears to me as i look above.

Oh how much You've changed me and my wicked heart.
i know i've done you wrong.
But through Your mercy given to us
it is You that can make us strong.

Please soften my heart, turn mine into Yours.
So people may see You in me.
Of the true love that isn't from this world,
they will turn toward Your Beauty.
1 Peter 5:7
Organized Chaos Apr 2017
The young whale inquires
to his beloved dad
"Where did I come from?"
Answering his son
with a thanks from him
he had replied, "You're whalecum."
Idk why
Organized Chaos Mar 2017
I ride my worries off a cliff
only to regret as I fall.
For in this moment of tragedy
I think of You as I ball.
Doesn't necessarily mean the end
Organized Chaos Mar 2017
Arms wide open to be your port
you won't ever be a wreck to me.
For you come in so smooth and majestically
the winds can easily agree.
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