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Thomas Davies Aug 2018
Ek skrik die 10de Augustus wakker.
Iets voel verkeerd, so swaar, so leeg.
Met 'n knop in my keel raak my gemoed swakker.
Min het ek geweet, dat treur so swaar kon weeg.

Vaagweg **** ek, "I look to you"
"And when melodies are gone"
"I hear you in a song"

Ouma was ons eie Whitney Houston
Haar sterk gees was ons rots.
Al het ons met tye lekker koppe gebots.
Sy was my vestiging, ons familie se trots.

Mag die rose in Bloemfontein altyd ouma se naam onthou.
Die pragtige rooikop dogtertjie in liefde toegevou.
Ouma se omgee het my soveel keer gered.
Die dankbaarheid gekoester in my mooiste gebed.

Mag die voëltjies altyd bly sing
Terwyl ouma se stories mooi herinneringe bring
Ouma was altyd bereid om te help
Vol genade het ouma, harde harte versmelt

Mag oupa altyd verlief bly
Sodat ons verdwaaldes, ook die regte prentjie kan kry
'n 53 - jaar, onvoorwaarlike liefde verhaal
So opreg, en eerlik, die mooiste mylpaal

Dankie dat ouma my aanvaar het vir wie ek is
Al sit ek heel wat die potte mis
Dankie vir alles wat ek by ouma kon leer
Dankie vir elke drukkie, vergifnis, keer op keer.

Dankie vir elke koppie soet tee
Vir al die miljoene trane wat ouma moes afvee
Dankie dat julle vir my alles kon gee
Dat hulle harte net liefde kon skree

Dankie dat ouma my veilig kon hou
Ons verlang alreeds, en sal verewig onthou.
Ons bly, onvoorwaarlik lief vir jou.

Ek gaan ouma mis, al my liefde, Thomas.
Written by myself and Kayla Hofmeyr
Thomas Davies Jun 2016
What has happened?
Tears flowing like a river
Puddling between your boots
Making splashing sounds

What has happened?
Cuts all over
Zigzagging and blood red
With the slicing of the knife

What has happened?
Shouting to be heard
Angry parents dissaproving
Stone hearted and cold

Everything happened!
My lover left me...
I died...
Fighting my battle
Thomas Davies Apr 2016
Clinking of ink bottles
Scratching of quills
Rustling of paper
Pouring out knowledge

Sweating students
Angry teachers
Swatting of fleas
No more patience

Old mad bat suddenly
"Bring me the earmuffs!!"
Laughing, crying, farting

Interupting the quiteness
"Why would you ask that?"
Principal Harpy asks
"Surely it isn't winter"

"Goodness me, have I said that out aloud?"
"I take it back!"
"Kindly continue with your exams"
But no matter, nothing was the same.
Thomas Davies Apr 2016
Life throws you around
Like a ragdoll
Spinning you faster
Untill you're dizzy

You're never good enough
Others are better
No matter what they tell you
You will always feel depro

Sometimes suicide
Seems like the only option
Out of this hellhole
With monsters for inhabitants

Cutting, hanging, slicing, groaning
Blood seeping the pain out
'Till you feel nothing

"You are ugly!"
"You are fat!"
"You are worthless!"
Doesn't matter, next time I won't hear it...
Just wanted to write out what most people feel when they are complentating suicide.
Everytime I look at you
You know exactly what I want to do
Youre eyes so pure
I want you for sure

Youre so far away
But I will always stay
I want to see youre face
So that I can feel my heart race

I wana feel your lips
It will sink my ships
I wana touch youre face
And walk an unending maze

My love for you is real
Its truly what I feel
I need you beside me
Just where you need to be
Thomas Davies Mar 2016
We all feel a bit insecure at times
With society watching our every move
It's up to us to make things better
Oh so difficult to do right

The world always try to knock us down
But don't give up, even if you're down
Just stand up stronger than before
We can show them we're not weak

Society judges us, so we hide
Put our masks on and hide
When all we want is to be free
But people deprive us of the priviledge

We must all stand together
We are as strong united, but we are weak apart
No matter the circumstances
We will rise to victory!
Created by Thomas Davies and Kobus Landsberg. I will not take credit alone ;)
if you can't feel love
you are only breathing*

not living

to live
to love
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