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Kristo Frost May 22
they could be dead
they could be anyone

you have ever/
never met

but in meeting them
on the plane of enlightenment

you needed only to see them
as they were

and as you did
Kristo Frost Dec 2019
social overlord
chemical overlord
electronic overlord
disingenuous overlord
undifferentiable overlord
autobiographical overlord

real overlord, hear this cry
Yeah, I said it.  Story of my life.
Kristo Frost Mar 2019
Poorly phrased tautologies lie in the crow named ******.

Wanton airs of royal talk distort her lesson further.

Final wit; a shameless hit.

She caws as you consume her.
Kristo Frost Jan 2019
I have had this written on sticky notes on the side of one of my bookshelves for years. Sharing is caring!
Kristo Frost Jan 2019
...follow your heavy footsteps through the moss that carpets a maze of tired oak. Solemn warnings calcify soft thoughts and point you at the coal on the horizon. Its splinterglow peeks hot squints through the arboreal tangle. Topaz streams convene and braid themselves around your spine. The stones in the riverbed grow smoother and each becomes a grain of sand. You let the sand console your roots as you curl your toes and fall asleep. Time becomes a living dream about life, which in turn finds you, one day, walking deeper into the forest.
Kristo Frost Jan 2019
Here I sit and think and ponder
While my wild mind keeps its wander
And my son enjoys his slumber
But my thoughts increase in number

What a world we wield these days
Of trump cards played in wicked ways
And all around us keeping haste
My thoughts can do naught else but pace

Yet without what we hide within
There would not be a tale to spin
Or crash and burn in red hot sin;
Forgive me as I drop a pin

My Son, I must relay to you
A thought which haunts us lucky few
Who often wish we never knew:
The only truth, these days, is you
Happy to announce my son Skylar was born since I last posted!
Kristo Frost Nov 2017
Crawl inside, where they can't get to you.  Where their questions go unanswered, as would yours, if you asked any.  It is quiet here; that's one thing you can rely on.  If you squint your ears you can almost hear a car passing outside.  Almost.  Depression is a relativistic term that is below you.  You are Normal.  You are Alone.  You are You.
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