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Kristo Frost Jun 2023
if you can hear
me, speak now
Kristo Frost Jun 2023
Flame tongues whisper in hushed delight,
Dancing in the theatre of shadows and light,
Flickering essence, burning bright,
Unseen in day, yet a beacon in night.

Crystalized breaths of winter's kiss,
Veiling world in a glassy abyss.
Mirror of frost, paradox tryst,
In its stark cold, beauty exists.

On the palette of silence, the wind sketches tales,
Invisible strokes on the cosmic scales.
With songs of the ancient, it narrates and hails,
A poet's quill, unseen, never fails.

Liquid mirror in moon's soft gleam,
Ebbing, flowing in an endless dream.
Crystalline whispers in silver streams,
Telling tales in ripples and seams.

In the land of dreams, where realities blur,
Where starlight breathes and nebulae stir,
Unfettered minds in a cosmic tour,
An invitation, an open door.

Then come the nightmares, cruel and sly,
Stars extinguished in the pitch-dark sky.
Where sweet dreams wither, hope left to die,
A sinister ballet in the mind's eye.

Fire, ice, wind, and water, dance,
In dreams and nightmares, given chance.
A symphony played in life's vast expanse,
Eternally locked in this mystic trance.
Kristo Frost Jun 2023
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
Where liquid courage flows like a serene stream,
Two star-crossed lovers, locked in love's dream,
Find solace in the bottom of a bottle's gleam.

Bukowski's grin is etched on every glass,
Shakespeare's ink paints every blade of grass,
Loves lost and won, the sands of time amass,
In every draught, a play, a sonnet, a farce.

"Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou in this dive?"
Juliet questions with Bukowski's jive,
In shadows deep, where life's low-lives thrive,
Both poets find where their spirits truly come alive.

"No music in the spheres, just jukebox hum,
No royal court, just the kingdom of ***,
Here in the tavern's dim and smoky slum,
Plays the sweetest song, to which my heartstrings strum."

Half-filled glasses, and half-empty hearts,
Where Shakespeare's art meets Bukowski's smarts,
Love’s theatre stages, in unseen parts,
A bittersweet tale of love that starts and departs.

Two poets' spirits, in timeless dance,
Ensnared within intoxication's trance,
Half a world built on romance,
And half a world built on chance.

In every verse of the drunken bard,
In every line where love is marred,
Lives the echo of a love discharged,
On pages stained, and hearts left scarred.

From Verona's walls to L.A.'s bars,
From tragic tales to visible scars,
Love, life, and all that mars,
Bound by the moon, and beneath the stars.

From Shakespeare's quill and Bukowski's gin,
A half and half where dreams begin,
In every sin, every win,
Life is but a tavern inn.

So here's to the poets, in verse and in drink,
For it's in their words, we begin to think,
Life’s half tragedy, half jest, in a blink,
The tale of us all, writ in permanent ink.
Kristo Frost Dec 2021

you want to be like me

i know it;

i see myself in you already

in three

like i saw myself in my father


i do not remember three

maybe you will

but, if you don’t

know that

i have been where you are

know that

you will go places

i have never been and will never will be


i was there too



like you

and "there was music playing now"


and there always will be

i love you

due diligence

Kristo Frost May 2021
they could be dead
they could be anyone

you have ever/
never met

but in meeting them
on the plane of enlightenment

you needed only to see them
as they were

and as you did
Kristo Frost Dec 2019
social overlord
chemical overlord
electronic overlord
disingenuous overlord
undifferentiable overlord
autobiographical overlord

real overlord, hear this cry
Yeah, I said it.  Story of my life.
Kristo Frost Mar 2019
Poorly phrased tautologies lie in the crow named ******.

Wanton airs of royal talk distort her lesson further.

Final wit; a shameless hit.

She caws as you consume her.
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