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Ruth Nadler-Nir Jun 2019
The system Broke you
Without a scratch
Or a scar to show for it
You were vivacious creature full of the joys of life
But you just got quieter
that’s what they wanted
Isn’t it?
that system made you submit
It forced you to conform
It twisted your mind and contorted your soul
Into its little box
its perfect padded cells with cast iron locks
Say what you feel
But only it’s it’s correct
Speak your truth
As long as it’s what the memo says
They tell you they’ll give you an education
But it’s never what you’d expect
They take your soul
didn’t you read the small text?
FlipThePoet Nov 2018
We assignment felonies, who got no melody
It be a blessing to breathe but mans can't find the remedy.
School work got us incubated, well tubed in
Hospitalize for ages.
Penned in these cages
A constant grind on the daily.

Once a man emancipate
8 to 5 is gonna hit him with a straight.
From a frying pan to the fire
He's been stuck in a sticky state.
******* in a system that's meant for retire
That's what he gonna inspire.

Beware to those who tryna finesse the system
Life is gonna hit them with an intricate plot.
If you can't Euro-step them in quick time
It gonna be raps, just watch.
If you don't get it, then you never will
Ricky Oct 2018
People are out here are trying to survive, playing that game so that they can get that prize, but don’t be surprised if that game fed you lies.
It's disguise that’ll lead you down to your own demise.
Scott Hamsun Apr 2017
My name is little Joey Ochs these are my final words,
I stood before a judge last night and told him all I could.
If I was to have had a Pa, or even just one friend,
Perhaps I wouldn't be put away behind a prison fence.

My Mama was a ******* she hung around the bars,
I knew when she was working when I smelled the mens cigars.
We found her underneath the stairs, bottle of pills in hand,
In the other she held a not that yelled "Nobody understands."

My Daddy was a Patriot he fought the battle of Guam,
He had a billion different names but I think his first was Tom.
My fathers life was alcohol he drank for every meal,
But then they found pa dead one night, his hands still on the wheel.

So now you see I had it rough, my parents weren't there,
And even the few times that they were I don't think that they cared.
If I had gone to college I might have a career,
I might have even learned to write, and been the next Shakespeare.

I got a gang that taught me well, and made me feel a man,
They helped me through the toughest times, by hatching evil plans.
I stole and drank and smoked a lot, they said I'd go to hell,
To me that sounded accurate, but who can really tell.

I really didn't mean to become mixed up in this mess,
But still, one day the cops came 'round and maybe for the best.
We went to jail for a hit n run, there's nothing else to say,
'cept maybe that I was not the one driving on that day.

The prison was the only place I've ever liked to be,
It was there that I met all my pals, I never tried to flee.
There among the thousand men who were not very kind,
Is where I felt I was at home even if I was confined.

One day an officer came around and slid open my door,
He said the jails are overcrowded, and we need room for more.
So on that day I walked free I was a bit confused,
I did not know 'bout life outside I left without a clue.

So then I was alone out there, the first time in my life,
The only thing that I possessed was clothing and my knife.
I knew I had to go back there, the only life I knew,
I begged and pleaded, "let me back, I haven't payed my dues."

One day I was done with it, I was really in bad shape,
I killed a man, in broad daylight I didn't try to escape.
I went before a jury, so they could send me back,
I had to prove to all of them I was no maniac.

Oh yes I was found Guilty, and I don't disagree,
I knew I had to be put away, that's why I done the deed,
But I didn't think about the way that they might sentence me.
So now I'm getting ready to hang from the gallows tree.

So if anyone can hear me speak I'll only tell ye' this,
There's more to life than breathing air and trying to exist.
Now I'm glad I have no parents that can see me die.
I'm also glad I had no friends so they wont see me cry.
A folk song I wrote last night.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
Don’t Forget The Stars

Almost forgot what the stars looked like,
don’t forget what the stars look like,

the system’s rigged,
how many times have you heard that?

I’m speaking to you,
please listen,
for whatever these words are worth,
that is what is given,


rocking’ in a lawn chair,

in thin air,

the Moon’s glow behind the trees needles,
reminds me we all are God,

which is good because I’d almost forgot,

almost forgot what the stars looked like,
don’t forget what the stars look like,

the system’s rigged,
how many times have you heard that?

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Aaron LaLux Jun 2016
Lights camera action,
who’s up next,
or dumbsh!t pundit,

oh I see,
everybody’s an expert,
man these candidates have switched sides so many times,
watching them flip-flop this much makes my neck hurt,

candidate’s wearing make-up,
if you ask me it’s all a cover-up,
blemishes on their records,
when’s enough actually enough,

on stages,
synthetic sages make up stories,
while the police keep stuffing us into cages,
and the politicians keep talking about reclaiming America’s lost glory,

America’s lost glory what glory,
the one about us bombing innocents or the one about slaves,
well if that’s the glory then it’s not lost,
because the US still bombs innocents and pays most people a slave wage,

it’s fckn depressing,
these pop-star presidents,
jockeying for position,
and a chance for a White House residence,

on a stage,
it’s a sad charade,
all these bad actors,
pointing fingers trying to shift the blame,


All they do is talk different when in front of a mic,
but behind closed doors they all act the same,
different costumes different connotations maybe,
but really there’s no significant difference because there’s no significant change,

it’s an act a sham a show,
pop star presidents hip hop rock and roll,
Barack stars sing about change without any evidence,
if you ask me they’ve all gotta go,

and this election year is no better,
if anything it’s worse,
you’ve got Hillary Clinton AKA Barack Light,
and of course running is another Bush,
then there’s Donald Trump,
who’s legitimately probably the Anti-Christ,
he’s a racist sexist selfish sociopathic narcissist,
he doesn’t want to debate anything he just wants to fight,

but what about Bernie Sanders,
people ask, “Are you feeling the Bern?”,
I mean the guy’s a 74 year old career politician socialist,
he’s gonna try and take half of everything I earn,

I’d vote for him I guess,
outta desperation only,
because maybe it’d take someone that extreme to get us outta this mess,
but honestly he’s a bumble bee,
poking at the hornet’s nest,
I’d bet if he becomes a real threat to the one The Establishment want’s to elect,
that the speech where he accepts ends with one of his last breaths,


America the beautiful,
when’d you become such a bully,
you used to be my best friend,
but now you act like you don’t even know me,
you’re blood lust is revolting,
why’s your answer to everything violence,
and how can you say you speak for the people,
when most of the people are so fed up they just shut up and stay silent,
and even if we do get out and vote,
these days our votes aren’t even counted what gives,
what you think it’s just a coincidence,
that almost every state Hilary wins is accused of being rigged,

I feel sick,

this political pile of tricks politics seems like a pile of ****t,
and the media’s forcing it down my throat,
I mean really what are we supposed to do,
when those that feel outcasted can’t even get the system to count their votes,

so I take notes,
and I write,

I write,
all of this with typing hands and a shaking head,
because I want a leader I can truly trust and believe in,
instead of some actor that that can’t be trusted no matter what they’ve said,


I’m not a Jew,
I’m only half so I’m Jew-ish,
and I’m not trying to be rude,
or to sound too prudish,
it’s just,
the history of half my people,
is filled with those that want to ***** us,
so the bait and switch poli-tricks these politicians politic,
well they’re Old Party is nothing new to us,

who to trust,
who to trust,
we’re tired of feeling like Lewinsky,
giving oral to the Oval Office and getting nothing back but fckt,

when is enough enough,
no is supposed to mean no,
but we get it no **** on the ****** tube,
***; Slave & Master we’re all Lady Liberty’s ******* so on with the show!

Lights camera action,
who’s up next,
or dumbsh!t pundit,

oh I see,
everybody’s an expert,
man these candidates have switched sides so many times,
watching them flip-flop this much makes my neck hurt,

candidate’s wearing make-up,
if you ask me it’s all a cover-up,
blemishes on their records,
when’s enough actually enough?

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

Hollywood Heartbeats; 7/7/16; available worldwide
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
We are locked in a system
And religiously

We think we have order
But our order is disorder

Looking back, we ask..
Where did we go wrong?

Why is the system not working
As it should?

But can we change it..?
No matter how we rearrange it
We go back to where we started

The system has taken its roots
Upon our brains and bodies
It chokes our necks
Until our breathing becomes laboured
Yet, we do not die,
We just rot and fade...

After us , what comes next...........?
I dread to imagine

06 December, 2015
Crooked Youth Aug 2015
Welcome to the New World Order.


This is my Serial Number.

Whats yours?

Were all just a part of 'The System' now.

Lambs to the slaughter,
Every last one of us.
It's only a matter of time.
Sam Haidan Dec 2014
The night train, half past 12.
A journey alone,
Away from the mediocrity.
To think that I would fear them,
To think that I would let them take me,
And make me a slave;
To burn me with their routines.
******* monkeys.

This is my venture.
This is my meaning,
My life, my purpose,
My death, if it must be;
And they shall not have it.
For I do not bear what it is they seek,
What it is they feed on;

Swarms of blood thirsty corpses,
Not dead nor alive.
And I with my pound of flesh stand my ground.
Come and get me, you *******.

— The End —