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Crooked Youth Sep 2015
This is not Goodbye, it seems,
Our story has only just begun.

As we flicker through the pages,
I ask..
Will we make it past chapter 1?

Will will make it to the middle?
Will we make it to the end?

Will we make it to the sequel?
Perhaps a trilogy, we intend.

So as the storyline it changes,
I ask..

Will you be my main protagonist?..
Oh yes, Will you be only friend.

Will you be my favourite character?..
In a book that never ends..
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
Is the darkest intention,
That God could have given to man.

Is the darkest invention,
It's almost as if Satan were always a part of the plan.


It makes us.
It takes us.
It shakes us.
It breaks us.

Is such a horrible feeling,
That nobody should have to bear.
So I reject it, instead.
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
My belief in you wont last forever, my darling.

I need some proof that you are what you say you are.

I hope that you just didn't cry wolf, my darling..

Because my belief in you will eventually falter,
If you arn't who you say you are.

So as my belief in you, it dwindles.
Little by little, with each night.

& my patience begins to wear thin..

I believe in you no longer, my darling.

For you are nothing,
but a Sheep..
In a Wolf's clothing.
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
I'm going,
to bed now,
to escape,
ever present stress.

And rest,
my head,
upon this,

Sleep evanescent,
as Always.

It's been a Good Night!
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
Drowning in the ocean baby,
Drowing deep within with you.

I never realised just how blue your eyes were baby,
Until we sank into the blue.

Alone to sleep in dark abyss.

Just Me & You.
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
I'm unable,
to function,
amongst them.

I cannot be saved..

Living within this world caught up in technologys embrace.

I exist,
contributing nothing to society,
Like a dead battery.


I cannot be saved!
Crooked Youth Sep 2015
I remember your first footsteps,
& the patter of your feet.

I remember your first birthday,
& a childs laughter, ever so sweet.

I remember it all as if were yesterday...

My 'Tiny Human Being'.

I can't believe, I've been blessed to create something so perfect..

All grown up,
He even looks like me!
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