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Jean Rojas Dec 2015
What verses are these,
Not worthy of thee...

Lost in words that
Would not let me be

In phantom misery
I chase this allegory
To chance upon your grace,
Oh, that I would trace
The now familiar,
And stumble
Into that I mumble

For in your rhyme
No rhythm ever broken
Brand the mark,
In hidden cost
So much confusion
In this unholy fusion

What hast thou done?
Why push the quill,
In secret shadow?

I can not utter one more syllable
I can’t construct another phrase
But let me see ,the final draft
In your benevolent hand
Create a masterpiece, divine.....

There’s plenty more
Inside your core
Words flow like river,
Keep me whole

For no mask can hide
Nor lies, deny
Thou art,
The master of thine art

And in thee resides the words
Beating in thy heart
Love rages...
Thou art the soul of the ages!

(There are those who claim that the works attributed to William Shakespeare were actually written by Edward de Vere).
For: Edward de Vere ( 17th Earl of Oxford)
20 December, 2015
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
The flaming sun is
About to be extinguished
And the evening star
Will rise, to take its place

Like the cool gentle winds
Of the night sky
Your languid smile
Hush the lonely tears
Into a lullaby
Singing of gallantry and
In battlefields where
You excel above all others...

You are not afraid,
Death has no power over you..
What you are made of,
many men only dream to possess
kindness in strength
compassion in faith,
courage that knows no bounds...
the very definition of a soldier
like no other...

it is not in your victory alone
that you are revered
it is your quiet conduct
of playing fair
and your innocence in
atrocities perpetrated
by the monsters around you...
but you did not capitulate
you are unblemished till your end

sweet hero ,gentle general
i lay a wreath of promise
on your grave...
a promise of remembrance
till the day i cease to be..
you will always be remembered..
as a loving husband,
a caring father...
and a soldier’s soldier
a man of principles
and the light of the men you
led in battle ,
the man they know
as their general in the sun...
For:Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
19 December, 2015
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
Carnival roses bloom late
In early winter
A strange cloud of passion
2 strangers delight
Champagne of gold
Showers like turbulent rain
An adventure that whispers loudly
Of midnight joys

Desires, smoldering in the eyes
Delivered like shock waves
To the bodies,
Smash into souls
Like carnal sighs

With a hint of a tempting smile,
This, I dare say,
Once upon a time
I have met a tall, fair prince of Sweden
And I led him to the wild side
Of the garden of eden
For: J.J.Jonsson
10 December, 2008
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
My beloved commanded clouds
With his wings spread wide
Beneath the sun
In his silent rapture he ran
Rings around the moon
With speed unheard of
In altitudes untested
He was the uncontested
Prince of the blue skies

My beloved’s eyes
Reflect the yellow horizon
At the end of the ocean wall
He was fearless in his quest
He was a cut above the rest
His daring knew no boundaries
He had no fear of the unknown
Way out yonder ,there he flew
Where no other ‘s ever been before

My beloved’s ways up in the
Air was never wayward
There among the white formations
He was unsurpassed
A venerable hero of his generation
He had set his mark so steady
In the echoes of history
And though his life upon the ground
Was less than perfect
Up there,  he was without equal
And this is how
He’d like to be remembered
For he carved his name
on the soft cotton clouds
And though his magic chariot
Now lies majestically still,
he is truly,
ever truly
the beloved son of
the great big blue skies
For Howard Hughes jr.
30 October, 2009
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
I am myself in shadows
Forsaking the dawn
I am myself in darkness
Among a crowd of one
A solitude of plenty…
I am the words to
A rounded song,
A song to a husky voice
A voice to an empty silence
That I can not hear…
What do I fear?

This magnitude of life,
I wish that it had passed
Me by…
If I had been an ordinary lad,
Then maybe I won’t be so sad.
my end would not have been
So bad,
In my listless ,senseless compulsions
Brewed an endless stream
Of addiction,
Far worst than I could ever have
Imagined, in all the years
That I have survived..
What do I fear?

One happy thought,
Just one happy thought
I had none..
All is gone…
Louder, and louder
The deafening nothingness
Leaves me alone
Do not leave me alone…

Do you fear me?
Do you fear what I had become?
I had everything
That is nothing
Of true value
But everyone has a price
So I must pay the price
Of my folly..
My castle is my prison
An asylum for my kingdom

Long, long time ago
I used to know a different man
But he was gone before
I could remember his name….
For: Howard Hughes jr.
07 October, 2009
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
Mary Ann of the morning
with your bright hair
flowing in the wind
If I stand still, long enough
I can see your eyes moving
and your fingers dancing
It's, as if you never left....
this maze of sorrow
we all call our world,

Is that your voice I hear?
filled with the joys of youth
and the innocence of goodness
I miss your smile
and I am reversing time
in a perpetually slow motion manner
denying and not obeying
the circumstances of fate

Once again I witness,
the sunlight bathing the
features of your ever-beautiful face
How I wish for these sacred moments
to last forever
so we can share both conversation and coffee
in the early hours of a delightful dawn
with the knowledge that there is
safety in hope
a life fulfilled with unconditional love
that grows wildly like the
courageous flowers of the forest
and the mountain tops glazed
with the whiteness of snow,
dear Mary Ann of the morning....
For: Mary Ann Pesce
08 January, 2011
Jean Rojas Dec 2015
Her name is Catherine Eddowes
and it rhymes with meadows
of green fields and moon's shadows
but in the street she wallows
in the darkened danger that swallows
through the London fog that follows
her every movement and her sorrows

Oh Catherine, my dearest
come to call in nights severest
of pain and pleasure without rest
strike you like a luckless jest
you are who you are, that's your best

I am looking at you and memorizing
your ****** features that are tantalizing
I do not hear if you are coming or going
But I never want to hear you crying

Her name is Catherine and pray,
do not forget
She is far away now,
much to my regret
I miss her but
I must not be upset

Someday ,perhaps, she'll
grace me with her presence
she'll look at me with no pretense
she will show me emotions intense
I'll smell her perfume like
fragrant incense

Hello and goodbye,
dear Catherine Eddowes..
a name that rhymes with meadows
For:Catherine Eddowes
29 May, 2011
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