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Are you home yet?
Are you okay?
Are you somewhere safe?

I'm just worry
Please look at the bright side
I care for you

I know you're capable of being alone
You're my supergirl but
You'll always be my baby
2.11am @ Malaysia and I'm missing you. A lot. ❤
Thera Lance Aug 2019
She’s holding the flat popcorn bag in hand,
Giggling into the phone while the boy
Idles time away rereading a well-worn tale.

It expands,
The bag in hand
Blowing up past her fingers
Onto countertops and kitchen floors.
Partially cooked kernels skid away
From giggles rising to shrieks
That shatter the lights around the pair and tears through the house.

The girl hunches in the kitchen,
Sheepish embarrassment erupting in pink blushes across the face,
While the boy slowly lowers the book made helmet.

His hands tremble, but she does not see,
For he shakes his head in exasperation
And goes for the brooms down the hall.

They spend the rest of the evening bathed in candlelight
Curled up on the couch with the taste of salt on their tongues
From the bag of chips shared between them.
Absent-minded girls with superpowers and the normal boys who might be a little over their heads.
Nilsa Lopez Jan 2018
She wakes up every morning opening those big eyes, those bright eyes, and she immediately put on her super girl cape getting ready to face the day. Oh, man, she is better than Superwoman and Superman together, she is the super girl with teenage power and stuff rocking her own world. One day she wears a dress, the other she wears jeans and converse, but that’s not the point… The point is she wears HOPE, and nowadays H.O.P.E. stands for: Hold On, Pain Ends.
Fragment of a letter written to my niece.
ryan Mar 2017
My girl is a superhero:
With one foot she snuffs the smoldering
Cigarette **** her depression lies in, and
With the other she staves  the weight of a
Terrible job;
With her left hand she creates and makes
Beautiful things from a beautiful mind,
And with her right she craddles me,
All the while flying on the small vibrant
Wings of a robyn.

— The End —