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Burden or Relief?
Love or hate?
Share or split?
Choice is ours to create the
Bond, or extricate?

Escape or accept?
Joy or pain?
Hope or fear?
Choice is yours to ensure the
Concord, or discord?

Life, deeply
Unfurls the pure truth
Of combat
Within us,
Choice either to win or lose
Or walk towards love.

- Aishwarya Sridhar
Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line syllabic poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable lines respectively. Simple as that, And proceeds on, with unlimited stanzas.
Tex Dermott Jan 2020
Newton Funk
Once a valiant knight
A man's man
With a heart
Then found peace with a bottle
Died in a sewer
Tex Dermott Jan 2020
Simple Life
Is often not sought
Through the blows
Tears with blood
Gold no longer seems worth it
Just give me pastures
Tex Dermott Jan 2020
Once Evil
Until he sunk deep
Henry Cush
He now helps the multitudes
A love rarely found
Tex Dermott Feb 2016
Starched Dress Shirts
Shiny Polished Shoes
Well mannered
Only one hidden desire
He ate big fat rats
Tex Dermott Aug 2015
All the books are cleared
No more debts
No more liens
All properties are returned
The past is buried
This shadorma is based on the Jewish year of Jubilee.
Tex Dermott Aug 2015
If Ever
Love’s arrow strikes me
I will freeze
Then will shake
To see if I am sleeping
Dreaming seems so real
Tex Dermott Jun 2015
Bats arrived
In the Ozark hills
Lived among
The people
Taking a human body
As the sun went down

Some got drunk
On homemade whiskey
Passing out
Getting trapped
By the bright morning sunrise
Turning to mere dust
Tex Dermott Jun 2015
Duck Season
Opens on Toon Lake
Cartoon Man
Is ready
His mouth waters for roast duck
Horns grow on his head

Cartoon Duck
Is on full alert
Playing ticks
Scheming plans
Confusing his pursuer
Until the moon shines

Duck Dinners
Never come about
Cartoon man
Thinks and thinks
And finally surrenders
Waiting for next year
Tex Dermott May 2015
Float down the river
All flavors
And sizes
This gives the fish a sweet taste
Their ready to roast
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