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These voices haunt me day and night,
Their mostly mean, their not nice.
I try to survive, they jeopardize my life.
They terrorize my mind, all the time.
They push me off this mountain i climb,
Its harder to climb everytime i try.
I pray to God and ask him why‽
I look up at the sky with my eyes and cry,
Wanting to tell these voices bye.
True story
I cry myself to sleep some nights,
Thats the price I pay to roll the dice.

Should i take my life tonight?
I'm defeated from my insides.

My mind, can not rewind time,
Im denied the prize, of a second climb.

Trying everyday not to lose my mind,
I whined one to many times.

Should be a crime to deny my rights, I'm losing my mind, with these guys.

Inside my head, behind my eyes, they tell lies and become spys.

Their not nice, they want me to die.
Make me cry, every single time.

Your not real, but I still feel,
Only i can take lifes wheel.

And hope for this sickness in my brain to disappear.
F these voices
Can you hear them voices?
That only i can hear?
Whispering Warnings,
Feeling My soul up with fear.

It's hard to be lonely,
When you can hear,
Its like they are roaring,
In my ears.

I'm tired of them coming,
Oh how they just appear,
Mumblings emerging,
They will never disappear.

They act like they know me,
I try to flee,
Wanting to destroy me,
Their all i see..

Wouldn't wish this on Nobody,
Them spying on me.
My brain is lying,
Is this real or a dream?
Schizophrenia *****
I lay in bed and listen to the voices in my head, I'm fed up with them making noise and making me upset,
All they do is talk ****, nothing positive to say, i wanna yell, i want them to just go away, i act like i can't hear them, i act like i don't care, i pretend like their not real to me, but deep down im ****** scared. I hear them whisper things like shes stupid, ugly, and mean, why must they bother me, they make me want to scream. Tired of pretending everything okay, i listen to them talk **** about me every single day. What must I do, to have peace inside my own mind? I take meds that do nothing, the doctor says give it time. But The voices yelling at me, only laugh because I'm scared,  they like to see me panic, my heart pounding with endless fear. I'll stay up all night, listen to them be mean, hoping one day to be normal,  my mind to be let free.
True Story
Holding my breath, cause I'm drowning alive,
You can't see my pain, look into my eyes,
So much madness inside my mind,
Just want to give up trying to survive,
Monsters living inside my head,
Voices wanting me dead, that's what they said,
cant control when they come or go,
Nobody knows the pain, i know,
Living with schizophrenia is no joke,
Its a daydream inside a nightmare fo sho,
Always wanting me to do more,
Counting down hours till i get to snore,
Thats the only time they leave my brains door,
Inside this nightmare i will stay,
Hoping the voices will go away,
They get mad, if i say no i don't want to play,
And get madder when i say, what they say,
Repeating them is my ******* game,
to try and keep these ******* at bay,
Yeah thats my crazy game i like to play,
Arguments with them are so **** strange,
Cause its like talking to myself, it's so deranged.
Living with schizophrenia is not easy

You tell me to do what you say, and your leave,
But i know that's true, you do nothing but deceive,
You tell me lie after lie and i always believe,
Your nothing but a negative voice that i cannot see,
With impulsive behavior that you store within me,
Your deceptive ways make me so crazy,
Your destructive ways make my mind want to scream,
Just want control of what i think and say, and see,
Why must you always be so **** mean,
Telling me to do things like a crime scene,
Cant stop myself from ******* cutting,
The medicine has even stoped working,
Leave me alone now , go away please,
Im begging for mercy down on my knees,
God get me through this, help me see,
That i have nothing to fear, cause of whats inside me.

-Melissa Macias

— The End —