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Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
Traces of pawprints align and accumulate amongst the snow
The dusk casts the dawn away and tended their corpse
A vicious sound emanating, rusing the serenity of the twilight

"Papa, will you be home tonight?"
"Will you be carrying the candles again?"
"Will you stay with us tonight?"

Perpending echoes of the penumbra when the moon,
obscures, the darkened ceiling.

Slits of dim candlelight seep past the surface, a ****** demise
Crimson seeping, bubbled wine, creasing the remnants of the promise
My dearest, sweetest, purest child,
Amongst the veils of fireflies, the canids prowl through the streets
A deceitful parade amongst the illusion exposed,
The peaceful tracts are no more - I was struck.

The canids howl a sonorous melody, riveting, disconcerting harmonies
On the brink of the dying night, in a universe we brought so forth

The lingering of the slivers of silver shining,
the paradox of incongruent paths intertwining,
For each flame ceases in a communal suicide, the wolves stalk the solemn night.
The philosophy that was taught for generations and beyond,
It existed no more.

Beyond the blanket of hope and comfort, the warm amber rises
Stroking the pack, exuviating their hollow molt.

I was stranded here, on the island of scarlet
Roses floundering, thousands of rotten corpses
Fragrant luscious decadence, like candy to efflorescence
Floundering petals in hues of auburn and gold
Diluting to pallid gore.

"I will be home tonight"
"Smiling amongst the candlelight"
"For your dearest smile I recollected..."

"... and bled out once more"

This poem and are meant to be read in tandem.

candy fireflies incongruent melody papa peaceful philosophy suicide universe warm
SassyJ Mar 2016
You rub my back as I run
Your tides storm for me
Watching my back as I chase
Fighting my demons as I trap

Your all open for me as I shatter
Your essence webbed on my matter
A shelter watching my hands as I wave
Vigilant of the witch in me mixing portions

How can I make it a perfect match?
Mould your breath as you dream
Surrender by the aisle and claim you
Create the Eden, imagined fruitful orchard

How can I lie close to you and captivate?
Melt in your shores as we feel and rotate
Blend harmoniously in sane sensitivities
Calm and coil in real passionate romance

Could our entwinement be the armageddon?
A forbidden and delinquent spice mashed
Too much pain that time itself cannot erase
An immortal evanescence of my mortality
thegirlwhowrites May 2015
my heart and yours went,
with mine supposing importance
and yours subsisting in ignorance.

for j.b.
Mae Lahlee Apr 2015
Woah, I think there's a
roller coaster in my mind,
Bunches of Sporadic thoughts
With one congruent disguise.

Pop pop poppin up
all over my head
And they're pop pop poppin,
shootin us dead.

My ideas, they're killin us,
They're surface feeders.
Eating the truth
Like tasty hour d'oeuvres
AD Mullin Oct 2014
Subjugated by the
Not-so-loyal subjects:
Mind | Body | Spirit

None knowing their place

Poor leadership
I'll bet I can mind my way to a better place
Better try

So I grant citizenship
To my cunning and intellect
It works but
After a time vibrancy

So I call in Spirit
In the spirit of Theocracy
Spiritual matters prevail
But I've forgotten to eat
For two days

So I give Body
A seat at the table
Now we have a democracy

Or do we?
Remnants of the Plutocracy
Gave cunning a vote

So we reorganize
Into a meritocracy
< - - 3 pools - - >
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
3 votes

Something still isn't working
So I ruminate
And turn things upside

A king should be subjugated
The best leadership
Is invisible

True leader
Their own path

I (the person) am ground
I am the intersect
I am the crossroads for
Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit
I am the King
Listening to Jeff Buckley on this mornings run

— The End —