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Mark Toney Oct 25
Kind husband, vigilant father, loving son, mischievous brother
Brother of Lizard and Kippie-bombs
Lover of Kahtabeak, Danbug and Benbot
Who feels joyful, happy and satisfied
Who fears brown recluse spiders, level 4 biohazards and tsunamis
Who would like to see an end to mourning, outcry and pain
Resident of Sherwood Forest
1/25/2019 - Poetry form: Bio Poem - This is my Bio poem, yet my name isn't Robin Hood.  How esoteric can I get? :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
labyrinth Sep 27

When it comes to selling a pure soul to Devils
There are basically three good-looking levels

What we ought to be analyzing first
Known as quenchless material thirst

This is where you ever start being flirty
With anything iniquitous and/or *****

Seeing estate, ranks or things as somewhat valuable
Is precisely what makes you weaker and more fallible

Watch out! Once you’re out of your humble abode
It’s tough to come back from that tempting road

Still rather innocent level to be at
Heads up! You don’t know what it might beget

Even violating a red light for that matter
Will help you get worse. No. Not better

Fly might be too little, but think in the ointment
Not worth it to dishonor your biggest commitment

Being a human, that is. As the day you were born
Ponder on it for a sec! Before you scorn

Evidently at this stage, the relation with money
Is like a baby bear and a jar of honey

Little by little minds are ravished
Easy come easy go. Lots are lavished

Enough number of bad deeds to practice
Sure elevated you way higher than apprentice

You’re already accustomed to being unfair
Before you know it, you’ll forget how to spare

As time passes by, you’re at the very threshold
Of Daemon’s pawn shop, where dignities bought and sold

Please stop acting like you don’t have a clue
We all know, this didn’t come out of the blue

Deliberately avoided to get a rain check on this
It’s nobody’s fault now, you chose being amiss


Then, of course my friend, has arrived the second
Where the Old Nick from the above beckoned

Congrats! You graduated from dirt to sewer
The last thing you need though is a respirator

Masters give you orders now, looking like requests
You’re already a guard-dog, with no right to quest

Good news though, the pay offs are way bigger
Can you dig it? You sneaky, cheeky digger

Including but not limited to bribing
Cutting in lines, cheatings, lies or bid rigging

Then come rip-offs, swindles and deceits
A whole lot of rotten bucks with no receipts

Agreements, clients, customers to take care
Simply for the sake of your modest share

Don’t get carried away, we’re focusing on vicious
Deals of the bad guys, who are too ambitious

To go for the sinless mass, and trick them for wealth
Also playing with their education and health

Or else any clean trade with sweat and decency
Is not the subject here, except positive recency

What do I mean by that? Positive stays in mind
Little good news every day, to keep crowds all blind

Anyway, where were we? Let’s just keep proceeding
To describe to folks, what the hell’s really happening

Style counts, huh? All ties and jackets
While squirrelling away the fortune in buckets

It’s legit, it’s shapely. It’s not artifice.
Make no mistake. Around here, we call it business

Regardless of whose, walk away with all you could
At the end of the day, you’re not ******* Robin Hood

How fascinating, virtually as good as it gets
Go Figure. The last step, where the Evil One besets


You’re at the third and last phase already
His highness the Satan is now your sugar daddy

Civil rights, law, ethics, and much more to violate
The upper the stairs, the more to annihilate

Get ready straight to make millions suffer
From that armored zone of yours, you call buffer

Say; having children work, for real late hours
Well, it’s their children, right? Not ours...!

Going for pension plans of the most innocent
Is mere prize to you. Almost magnificent

Causing conflicts to sell even more weapons
What’re you gonna do man? **** just happens...!

Resolutions, legality, votes and members
Are tools to Lucifer. But who remembers.

Vietnam, Africa and all Middle-East
Where you have real wars to feed your beast

Journalists, congressmen, soldiers or presidents
On the payroll in this firm and bunch of happy residents

As you step up, one day you will realize
Almost all the wealth belongs to you and your allies

But that won’t make you stop from chasing your goals
Remember, Beelzebub already bought your souls

Don’t know the first thing, why the rest’s so stupid
Distorted religion maybe or TV makes them this torpid

Better this way anyway, cos (because) if they awake
You’ll have to ****’em all to keep your dear stake

Once you’re registered in this ****** parade
You get paid as long as your role is well-played

Thus, it will be a ******* habit for you to breach
Anything and everything that’s within your reach

Crème de la crème treatment will be your regular
Etiquette is your last name, you shameless embezzler

But, hey. You’ll look very good in that high-end camouflage
All this charade to you is one good Swedish Massage

I don’t think one will ever solve this double-bind puzzle
So keep up the good work with your stinky razzle-dazzle

Meanwhile, refrain from looking in the mirror
I forgot. It’s only business and you’re not a sinner

Dude! It’s about time now, you can die rich
Just before that however; here’s one last preach

You look sharp alright, charismatic and ****
One day you’ll regret all this, I’m not just whistling Dixie

Come around and behave. Labyrinth calls your class
Take it all otherwise and shove it up your ***
Copyrighted work
You awakened in me
Something I never expected
A desire to fix all of the
Problems of this world
No matter how drastic
The measure may be

A verified *****
A true blood fox

Fallen for
A life outside
Of boxes

A life with the man
Everyone wanted to be

Or to ****
But I wouldn't change
Things anymore

At first I hated being
Different I hated seeing
Everything through
Lens so different
From my kind

But over time
I grew to love
The differences

The double vision
I Saw
Only with you

Because of you
Life altered by a
Single arrow

Sir Hiss
Be ******
His tricks

Won't hold us back
Any longer
Is now in
Our favor again

Alan-a-Dale's song's seem to point
Me in that direction
The rooster's notes all ring true

To me

Prince John with his thumb
Stuck in his mouth
His mommy
Too much,
Kind Richard
Sent him back to
Work the Royal Rock Pile

Upon his return from
Reconcuering the Holy Land of Jerusalem
From Ayyubid Sultan Saladin

King Richard will set us
All straight again
Me with my Robin Hood

Away from
"In a meeting held on February 12, 1938, Disney commented I see swell possibilities in 'Reynard', but is it smart to make it? We have such a terrific kid audience ... parents and kids together. That's the trouble – too sophisticated. We'll take a nosedive doing it with animals."
Marcie47 Nov 2018
There really isn't anything new
On this year's Christmas Giver Menu.
First we have the 'Accidental Insulter '
Who needs to hire, a clever gift consultor.
While handing you a gymnasium voucher,
Turning your emotions from 'sweet' to 'sour'!
Insults dressed up as compliments are nothing new,
But still,  Cuz, it's a bit hard to chew!

Next in line is the 'Relentless Re-gifter'
With telltale signs on my "new" game of Twister,
Footprint stains and greasy hand marks,
My goodness, my fury is starting to spark!
"Do you love it? " She asks. "I knew you would! "
She was feeling heroic like Robin Hood,
Passing me that tired looking parcel,
I wanted to fling that **** gift right back to the castle!

I thought to myself, "Hey there Squire!
Your ****** gifts just aren't my desire!! "

Will I fret about this gift?  Not one bit,
I'll just re-wrap it, re-gift it and,
Give it back to them next year!
The message, I bet, will be loud and clear.

"The Cheapskate"! Oh, what can I say here?
It's the same lame excuse year after year!
Buying gifts, eluded his 'plan',
He was far too busy, getting his tan.
Gifts to him just didn't matter,
As long as there was a lobster on a platter!

"The Handmade Lover" has a
Life affirming talent making,
But that 'Floral cushion cover collection,
I fear, by now,  is OVERTAKING!!!

The "Gift Certificate  Easy Roller",
Forgot you were plus five and a stroller,
Smiles smugly,  as they hand it over,
I'd need more luck,  than a four leaf clover,
Taking them all in to get my nails done,
Doesn't feel like a barrel of fun.
So, in future to avoid this mad, crazy dash,
I'd love to receive some COLD HARD CASH!!

Now, nothing makes me feel more nauseated,
Than "High Perceived Value packaging". "It's totally overrated! "

But I take courage in the "One Who Knows Me Best"
Their presents always outshine the rest!

"Merry Christmas to one and all! "
I hope that Santa heard your call,
"H-E-L-P!!! "

1 Nov 2018
I have had a lot of interesting experiences in the receiving of gifts over the years,  and as its soon going to be Christmas again, I felt inspired to write this poem to share late last night. It's my first real poem.  Hope it gives someone some light relief!
Seema Jan 2018
My twisted mind has plotted a vicious crime,
In the city where lives the most prime,
A wait of time, a drift in the moonless night,
Gathering gears to pass by any upcoming fight,
With few people on board wearing armor of knight,
It's this night we take over of what is right,
The treasure chamber resides in the heart of city,
A smirk smile speaks of the loss and pity,
These prime monsters have snatched from the poor and needy,
Their gold and silver, money robbed by greedy,
I am no Robinhood for sure,
But life like this is making more people poor,
It's a masterpiece robbery in the nights shadow,
And flee from the chamber leads direct to the meadow,
We are sat to go and break the law,
In the knights armor we shall bash and blow...

Poetic story. Fictional write.
Alan Dale Jan 2015
I could feel him staring, his eyes piercing the flame whilst clenching the head of a bottle. I looked up from twisting the new Flemish string I was making. “Will” I said with a sneering lift in my cheek and keeping my tongue stiff to force back a chuckle. He kept staring, I guess it was amazingly beautiful, the warming fire we had. The travel we had endured from the south had been long and challenging. Rain to fill god’s own goblet had been upon us for days and the wind was no maiden of help. I let him stare just a while longer because this part of the land we were in was damp, and not from the rain, it was damp with people like me. “William, behind you!” I shouted with such the ferocity of a lone wolf fighting of it's own pack from the **** that the stumpy boy shot awake his eyes, coming back into this world of living and stood abruptly to his feet, spinning on his heel and slicing with a dagger that he unsheathed in one simple motion. Before his arm could fully extend he kept turning and stopped looking straight at me. Just watching how fast he did all of that was impressive, but his dancing was even more of a show. “No need to laugh, old man. I didn't know you were lying”. He said sharply in a rough welsh filled with annoyance after I made him wake from his fiery gem. Once my shoulders stopped jiggling up and down from laughter, I came back to crafting my string whilst giving him my reason. “Look around boy, or don’t, you just did a perfect spin for me, I do say it was a perfect motion that even the princess of the eastern lands would be jealous
of”. His eyes tensed with a stabbing look and sat on his **** next to the great oak that sheltered us from the rain. I knew he would listen to me now as I had made his face turn redder than his hair.

To be continued..
I know it's not a poem, I am just proud of what I have begun to write and wish to show you all. :) Hope you are all well from the new year.

— The End —