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Ylzm Apr 2019
She's my constant reproach,
My thorn in my flesh, my neighbor.
I crossed the street to walk the other side.
Then I heard the **** crowed, and wept.
Austin Yde Mar 2015
It is not in idleness
That I justify my reproachfulness
That is where it is judged
Scathed upon
Laughed about
Still elating in my sorrowful bath
I reproach
Condensation lining the walls of my fragile heart
It feels like cold glass
Throbbing inside a marble cage
Every beat
In every way
Close to shattering it's tiny pieces upon the cold linoleum
That provides the floor
To my aching gut
It's in idleness
That I may remain...
Rhet Toombs Jan 2015
Fourth time writing you
Getting darker now
Living on roads
Existing at home
My second happy ending
Grey pain
Dreams of pure love
Awaiting your arrival
Writing on receipt paper
Friday's spent walking  
Much closer now
It seems
Fear became our constant
Breathe for me once more
Your words cut like scalpels
Through hair skull and scalp
Culling the cunning thoughts
My Foolish heart has bought

But your blade is truth
No anesthetic
Can dull, numb or soothe

It removes the lie
Like a tumor
Until my life's
A rumor

— The End —