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How can this be it?
Wasn't there a talk of the promised land?
Where we could all be free,
running across the fabled white sand.

Here I am waiting for the day to come,
The day that will shine so bright.
And from the damp and cold corner,
I will walk into the light.
In the light,
I did write a story as dark as it can be.
It had a beginning,
A middle,  
And an end.
But despair as far as the eye can see.
I say I am a loner,
But that's a lie.
What about the demons that hide inside?
Never truly alone,
It's voice I hear.
Trying to escape,
The end nowhere near.
Black and white,
that's all I see.
Where are the colours?
that's where I want to be.
Show me the path,
lead me there.
Carry me if you can,
for I do not dare.
In a corner I hide,
waiting for the strength to run.
In the corner I stay,
never seeing a ray of sun.
Here is where the remains will be found,
of a person who was forever bound.
Lying face down,
I feel the sand carving my skin.
The birds pick my flesh,
eating away my sin.
Feeling free, I begin to float,
Along the river in a beautiful boat.
Am I allowed to turn around?
I don't like what I see ahead.
The path in front of me has no end,
Is it too much to ask for a simple bend?
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