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Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Sometimes we sit in disillusionment
Steady and complacent in our status
Raving in a sinister type of excitement
Waiting for something to come save us.
Willing victims of our applied lifestyles  
Slaves of some of the issues we allowed
Two implementing partners in our lives
From whom we've constantly borrowed
When we were yet engulfed in confusion
We've worked but have been excluded
The world deprived us of a real revolution
Power, this journey is not yet concluded
Act not in utter desperation but wake up
We have many issues, we need to just recoil
It is now time to plan, execute and man up  
When we move carefully things will not spoil
Ponder your moves before trying to fix things
When we mess up, we will definitely rise up
Souring blue skies on a pair of blessed wings
Who knows, we could fly with clouds in a cup
We need to know exactly just what we want
Don't think instant solutions manifests itself
Tell me I lie after hitting this big prayer blunt
Wait a little while, go seek inspiration yourself
Answers to problems don't just come to people
People with issues will always seek a solution
The ultimate path for those who wish to hustle
To all their causes we dedicate this benediction.

— The End —