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Sanjali Jun 2020
Need to write
A song or two
To ease the mind,
Let the strings be loose.

All my friends
Are here for none,
Yet I shall call them that
For it’s a short word.

Oh once upon a time
I would dance at nights,
Sing like an angel,
But I burned out inside.

A candle that’s lit
with a flame that hurts,
I still look within
To gather what I deserve.

But what is there?
Except dancing witches,
It seems they cursed me
And captured my wishes.

Fear not, I’m done.
Yet I haven’t begun.
Maybe one another day
I’ll rhyme this madness away.
Looking for a way to undo this curse
Quill Apr 2020
Heres to the lovers
Heres to the ones who have never felt the same love mirrored back
Heres to the ones who love one another
Heres to the ones who have never seen themselves depicted in media
Heres to the ones who have seen themselves depicted in media, only to be killed off when the directors think that your story is over
Heres to the ones who love like no other
To the ones who love books on a rainy day, who love sipping coffee looking out a store window, who love staring up into the vast blue of an afternoon sky
Heres to the ones who love
Heres to the ones who try to love themselves
To the ones who try to love themselves because nobody will do it for them
To the ones who cradle their own face
To the ones who rub their thumb over their own cheek
Who toy with their own hair
Who hug themselves tight
Who hug pillows and blankets and walls
Who hug friends, family
Who will hug strangers
Heres to the lovers who will put the ******* spider back outside
Heres to the lovers
undermyfeet Apr 2020
I am sad,
You don't love me
But you like me

Is that enough?

I could never know
I can't compare
No one will love me
Like I can

Why, love?
Why you? Why me?

And especially, why us?
violetstarlights Apr 2020
speaking is a performance
the moment someone listens i'm put on a stage
with a little number in the corner of my view
grading my performance
grading how well i do

so when the audience goes home
and they all fall asleep
it leaves just my mirror and I
and the clock that reads three
just talking
to me

and though i ramble and ramble
as if someone were there
i enjoy that i am alone
that no one is there
to hear the last mistake i just made


oh my god were you listening to me the entire time-
Diksha Prashar Mar 2020

became poetry

open book of my

emotional depository

still they ask

“what an art?”

when it’s personal on my part.
Liz Feb 2020
What is sleep?
All I ever do at night is think
The thoughts moleste my mind
And there's no air left to breathe
Am I even loved?
Is it worth it still to be?

What am I even doing here?
I don't know my purpose
There's always someone loved more
Is this even worth it?
Is it worth it to struggle to socialize
With people who cant see
With people who don't care individually about me?

They say they do but everyone loves someone else more
PrttyBrd Jan 2020
last year's hangover
Morning Star blind
without the ride
of imbibing libations

words bled dry
in powdered thought
desiccated emotion
won't rehydrate unsalted
and I just ain't in the mood

shoulda had that drink
winning every battle
lost in war I can't see
but scars burn deep
courting failure
with fear

why fight fate
in altered perceptions
that are all real enough
to feel
in a world where the
only thing concrete
is thought...

bled dry
in last year's hangover
Nyx Dec 2019
Cry me a river
Of insure little tears
Sparkling like diamonds
Filled with your greatest fears
Let it glisten, Let it flow
Down your cheeks
To the land below
Salty to the tongue
Taste it upon your skin
Be still my little darling
He's watching with a grin
Thriving off your sadness
He pushes the knife further in
Prying on your weakness
To unveil deeper sins
Sins that have been locked away
Beneath the facade of a smile
Nothing bothers the angel dear
Even those who are vile
Emotions make you weak
Nobody wishes to see the evil
Disgusting feelings of envy
That you so dearly keep
Rage and jealousy
Hide them away
Calm and gentle
Let them stay
For nobody will love
A girl who displays
Her heart boldly upon her cheek
They will fire their arrows at the rate
Of the time it takes for your heart to break
Run and hide with all your might
Do all you can but fight
Foxes they play
Snakes they bite
In the den you are trapped
You know that I'm right
And while in the home of the serpents
You will come to know
That the faces you loved
Are the first to go
And its then you will see
That surrounded by people
Is the moment you realize
You are truly alone

For nobody is willing to enter the den of those that break
As all the friends you loved turned out to be that of those very same snakes

Madison Gaudet Dec 2019
Spontaneity planned every afternoon
There was plenty of time to be responsible later
It felt like freedom, sunlight beaming down and a gentle breeze
It felt like freedom, running through the rain
It felt like freedom, the plans to run away with you

Comfort wraps me up every night
Time to reflect on the day
It feels comforting, open ears await my rambling thoughts
It feels comforting, the warmth of you holding me while I fall asleep
It feels comforting, to finally be where I am supposed to be

It feels free to love you
It feels comforting to love you and be loved by you
A poem that reflects one of the most joyous parts of my life
Aniseed Dec 2019
In Pantheon roars,
We shouted
And threw boulders
In the night
Where the sirens
Were our only witnesses


Give me back the mornings
Of quiet snow and soft music

The yawning sun, not quite

Give me the solitude, the
Fleeting moments of sanctuary
So I may find myself a saner
Sort of clarity

There is peace in snow


I once wrote on unrequited love: "This is going to take some time."

It's felt like lifetimes.


If it hurts to hear
Your heart beating,
What was it that
I wanted, then?

If I ran away again,
What would happen then?

What would happen, then?
Recently moved, combing through old journals for inspiration. For... something.

I hope anyone reading this is doing well and to remember that they're good enough.
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