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Micah Abat Feb 29
I have heard
of the huntress
whose ritual baths
could be witnessed
only by "men
doomed to die"

but my feet brought
me here from
the meadows of

you told me
to come out
when artemis asks persephone to come out from behind the trees. Asphodel is a flower found only in the underworld.
I am so full,
Little laughs burst out of my mouth
And skips hop from my feet
Twinkles sparkle out of my eye
And happy sighs
I am so full
Kisses escape my lips
And loving words tumble out
My lungs contain shouts
Of excitement.
I am so full
I’m fat with love
For you.
On the 22/02/20 She said she loves me.
And I said I love her too.
She said I want to give this a go, but take it slow
And so I guess we’re together now.
To lie down with you  in the peace and quiet
To feel your soft touch and body near mine
Pressed against me
Your warmth and taste
Your fragrance and pulse
To hold you and be near you
To feel whole and complete
Next to another whole complete person.
To have you want me and to want you too
To save this touch and put aside my longing
To hold you and pick you up with ease
Lean into the here and now
For the rest of the day
And dwell into the eve.
When you talk to me
My Broca’s Area fails
And makes me so dumb
She doesn’t know she’s my future wife yet.
Also, the onion poems are all for her too.
I’m not creepy I promise.
Well, maybe she knows
We talk about our Advanced Care Directives a lot.
****** lesbians.
Shutting down so we can rest
Sweet R.E.M dreams.
Am I drunk? Or are,
Oxytocin, dopamine
Coursing through my brain?
He slips on a dress,
looks in the mirror
to see the material clinging
to his contours
and embraces all the possibilities
that come to him.

The power is palpable
to this side no one sees -
himself - released,
exuding the best parts
of his character

Ready for an unready world.
The power to become yourself is sometimes hard, but worth it. Sorry if you don't understand but try wearing a dress someday.
quinn Feb 19
dear quinn,

it's okay
to tell people

how to make
you feel

they'll call you
by the right name
and the right pronouns.

and if they don't,
they will have lost
a part
of what it is
to be

and that isn't
your fault.

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