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  Jan 2021 Anushia
The strongest steel
It splits my chest
And it feels good again
To be good and strong
Thank God the gyms are open again.
  Nov 2020 Anushia
You recount in detail the three old ladies
outside of the diner,
how you listened in as they  
described the sky to one another.
One traced the swirls of the clouds
with trembling hands;
you thought it so beautiful,
you could have cried.
The record player is spinning the blues
through a gravelly veil.
I anticipate the moment
you lift your hand to your heart,
and exclaim:
"I love this next line!"
Sadness creeps in late through
your living room window
like the moon diving
into the ocean;
a wave of grief consumes you,
violent and unforgiving,
as you pour us another glass of
cheap white wine.
I feel like a thief in the night
when I think about you
on the train ride home,
as city blocks turn to fields,
and back to blocks again.
There is something blasphemous
about seeing you so clear.
  Nov 2020 Anushia
Andrew Rueter
I don’t want to consume art to escape my life
I want art that makes me confront my life
I want art that uncovers my blind faults
and reveals my secret triumphs.
What do I need to change?
Why do I need to change?
How do I need to change?
And why is the time for change now?
These questions help me escape from needing escapism.
Anushia Oct 2020
he infused blood into my vein
so i could
i exchanged ring with him
so we could
Anushia Oct 2020
common unleashed my thought  
proper capitalized my title
concrete engraved my pleasure
abstract fantasized my dream

nouns complete my poetry
nouns create actions for life
Anushia Apr 2020
the scorn of isolation
is what we feel presently
together we join forces
together we heal
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