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My-broken-heart Apr 2016
The mind’s way of showing frustration,
The heart’s way of showing pain,
And the soul’s way of saying *I won’t give up
My-broken-heart Apr 2016
So then why is it that crying is seen as weak when
every time I cry,
I wipe the tears away
and say
I’ll be ok
even though my tears represent
each time my mind was corrupted with hate for myself,
each time my heart was torn apart by the people I loved,
each time my soul was plagued by the mistakes I made
every time I cry,
I wipe the tears away
I won’t give up
I’ll be ok
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
I’d willingly die,
for the person that keeps me alive
Even though I know
They would never do the same.
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
Isn’t it ironic how,

The thing that I love the most,
Is the only thing that can break me

How the thing that I work towards,
Is the only thing that can fail me

And how I’d willingly die,
For the thing that keeps me alive
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
This is war and we must fight,
Tonight may be our last together,
We don’t know what tomorrow holds,
But I know that I’ll love you forever.

Take me into your loving arms,
Engulf me in your warm embrace,
Hold me close and kiss me goodbye,
Know that I’d follow you till the end of time and space.
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
I am a fortress
I am strong and capable and determined
I will defend the ones I love until my very last breath

I am a fortress
I stand tall and proud and confident
I will protect and preserve until my very last breath

I am a fortress,
So then why can I block the positivity
but let the negativity flood in?

I am a fortress,
So then why can I brush off the compliments
but be struck by criticism?

I am a fortress,
So then why can I shield myself from happiness
but be exposed to pain and sorrow?

I am a fortress
I will always protect you
But can I ever save me from myself?
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
my mind never stops,
a whirlwind of emotions rage inside me
wave after wave
the slam into me without notice
I’m speechless

my mind never stills,
unwanted thoughts consume me
sparks ignite new ideas
overthinking everything
I’m on overdrive

my mind never quietens,
songs blast constantly
reverberating, resounding within me
countless stories and jokes and memories
I’m tired

my mind won’t relax
and I’m trying
but I’m tired
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