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and so,
you called an ever-wounding heart,
we should've eloped to neverland,
growing up here,
we are getting more distant
how would've the last kiss been,
if you knew we're gonna be locked up away.

how would the next kiss be,
since you know it's a few months of craving,

i can't wait.
many of us didn't know it was gonna be last time we kiss our loved one, and it been months of just looking through the phone, I miss her here with me, anyways stay safe everyone
on our first date,
you asked,
what that mouth does,

let me ask the same to you,
but besides lying.
idk just trying out
The search for sound ends in silence
The search for silence ends in wisdom
When I seek you, you dressed up in clouds
And disappeared forever

Unfair, Unfair, my good moon this is completely unfair..
Unfair, Unfair, my good night this is completely unfair..

I patiently waited to see the pearl in the clam
I patiently waited to smell the new bud blossom into a flower
Even before I could taste the nectar,
You withered and fell on the land
not my own work, this is translated from a Tamil song, "nallai allai". It was a beautiful write so I had to share it here
you said sorry,
I forgave,
it was your fault.

you did it again
and another sorry came in,
yet I forgave,
it was my fault
sometimes trusting someone again could be our fault
whatever it takes,
good or evil, it doesn't matter anymore,
as long as it works,
as long as we meet one more time,
this time I promise,
it will work.
inspired by the captain
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