Seanathon Sep 2017
When did I let this vocation of mine?
Which I've worked so hard for
Become the main reason and meaning of me?

When exactly did it happen
That my passion slipped and fell to the ground
Like the seasons passing on an endless tree?

I said I wouldn't forget once I had
I said many things of myself back then
Be it most confident or most arrogantly

A vow is a vow to those who uphold
But what are the words to the man within?
Who forgets himself in his own externalties
Truth and honest. Doesn't mean there's action.
On January 27, 2017.....Holocaust Remembrance Day,
President Donald Trump did not mention the Jews
The argument is the the Nazis really LIKED the Jews.
They just killed six million of them
By accident.
Bryan Amerila Apr 2016
Virtue in waiting:
Patience is tested, again,
hair cut, then go home.

’P’s don’t kill people.
Golds, gunmen do it for them.
Or, they let them die.
April 10, 2016
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mrmonst3r Feb 2015
I've decided to forget you.
Each stray thought,
Each reminiscence —
Is now just a loveless reminder.
A sentimental stab.
I've decided to forget.
No longer
Will sad associations be traded
with meaningless facts.
No more
Tangential heartache.
Hastily covered tears.
Just slow burning
Synaptic ruin.
Our secrets,
Our dreams of the sea —
Washed away.
But I can never forget you.
Some lies are of omission
remaining deep inside
others pour down like rain
without a place to hide

Although they are quite different
their quest may be the same
to find a place of safety
to  help silence their shame

— The End —