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James Rives Apr 29
i have resolved
to let these moments stab me,
teach me, by reaching my core
and harming me.
it will carve me into something
daring and emboldened;
perhaps i will be smelted,
still stronger all the same,
especially without you.
rough draft, will revisit
TC Jan 11
As you gaze towards the windows,
As they represent your past;
Panes coated in filth among the Shattered and broken glass..
Is the future,
you now struggle to view;
Remaining unseen,
Until the cleansing of you...

TC. 2020
The invisible (impossible) can still be viewed. (Achieved)
Jerry Bradford Mar 2019
The moon, acquiescent stirs
It conjures, and commands common cycles
The moon, on occasion blurs
That which in the day cannot be viewed
or stifled
As the pearl of Earth turns
With gravity as its strange ally and dubious rival
It concedes to the Sun
Yet even now remains only temporarily idle
A hummingbird moves so fast it buzzes,
but it hopes you don’t notice.
Rachel W May 2018
It is strange,
That I glimpsed you once from afar
In passing
And I saw you
Abandoned. In disrepair and I thought you were
Beautifully tragic.
You were alone and I did nothing
I did nothing
I did nothing but watch you crumble
I saw you again today
Again in passing
And I found that you had been
Saved. Someone had picked you up
And gathered your pieces
They built you back up and I did nothing
I did nothing
I did nothing but watch you stand.
Frank DeRose Apr 2015
I draw you closer,
The better to feel your warmth.
You lie against me,
Resting silently.
I look and notice--
I notice so many things.
The way your hair frames your face,
The way your scent lingers around you,
How you didn't take your makeup off,
Even though you remembered to take out your contacts.
I notice smaller things, too.
I notice all the distinct curves--
From your forehead,
Down past your eyebrows--
I notice the arch of your eyelids,
Contrasted with those dark lashes.
I notice your nose,
Slightly upturned,
And how your upper lip
Juts out further than your bottom one,
Giving you a slightly elfin look.
I notice everything,
For so rarely am I afforded this opportunity.
To notice,
And not be noticed.
I draw you nearer,
My arm draped around you.
For security,
For protection,
From the loneliness inside my heart.
Written after a night spent with a friend I was interested in romantically at the time. I wanted to explore the idea of reversing the dichotomy at the end as to the intention behind my actions.

— The End —