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Hayley Siebert Dec 2016
The Planet hell caught my ear
That of 12 years old
For mezzo nor soprano
A singer of classical genre

The riff and drum were a beautiful trance
Of Ever dream and Moondance
The dead boy's poem wept
The albums forever kept

I sang with you
Your Ghost Love score passed in the night
The wishes on notes
for she, he wrote

I found my path, when all seemed lost
To Mozart, Carmen, Tosca
A hand to the path you lead
Tear ashes upon my bed

I wished for the night
For every song that healed my plight
Years gone by from January to December
My olden day Nightwish I adore and remember
David Leger Aug 2014
I am left the lone soldier on the battlefield,
The others have fled.

Heroes into the arms of God
Cowards to the hills.

I am alone in the light of day;
No masters to serve, nor subordinates slave.

I can see for miles,
Yet this ground is unknown to me.

I walk the line between history,
And numbered days.

Shall I be a fabled burst of flame,
Or be forgotten as smolders of ash?
Is it better to burn out or to fade away?
David Leger Aug 2014
Her lips against my skin,
My hand caressing her ****** thighs,
This night where I am within her.

I'll bleed my passion into her depths,
As she ***** the breath from my lungs,
And the tides that bring her ecstasy,
The still night is broken as she cries joy.
A tribute to the Nightwish song of the same name.  Experimenting with eroticism.

— The End —