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David Leger Apr 2016
Real life has no filter;
It's sweet and bitter,
     but mostly sweet.

Savour. every. moment.

See life as it is —
a stream of passion
that runs fast and
then dry. So go paint
the sky. no excuses.
paint the sky. do it.

I don't want to leave;
it was just getting good.
Thoughts from my notebook written while sitting on top of Spyglass Hill, looking out at the river and town below.
David Leger Apr 2016
I acquired an old typewriter today,
Someone was just giving it away;
All the letters it must have written—
what love stories it's told...

I can now write the stories I see,
All the letters sit perfect in front of me,
But the ink dries more with each second gone by;
Write, ******! Write!
      I can't (sigh).
For those times when the words won't flow onto the page.
David Leger Apr 2016
I wish you’d write some happy words,
cause God know’s I need some now;

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked,
but I still know you somehow;

I wish you’d write some happy words,
do you still remember how?
David Leger Jan 2016
I never really lost my innocence —
There’s more to the story
than you’d like to admit.

Every day stretches my mind —
More, and more, and more,
and I fall further behind.

There is nothing perfect anymore —
I’ve shattered all my crystal roses,
all my dreams are dead, and what for?

I never really lost my innocence —
Maybe just a little bit.
David Leger Jan 2016
My soul, my soul,
You have taken a toll;
Weathered through the years,
And the heartbreak tears.

The marks have to all turned to scars,
You can forget all the fun times riding in cars;
It's alright, you can open your eyes,
And watch the morning sun rise.

Forget where you were yesterday,
And try it all again today;
Love will meet you,
Eventually, love will meet you.
David Leger Jan 2016
Everyone slips into the sea,
Everyone does eventually,
And then they never return.

Memories grow faint, I feel,
And now seem so unreal
As time, like fires, burn.

But as people come and go away
With the tides of every waking day,
I embrace the constant churn.

I laugh and cry with them,
Love and die with them;
I become part of them with every turn.
David Leger Jan 2016
There went the day,
Wasted away so happily —
How I struggled to love her,
As she loved me even more.

We'd talk about meaningless things,
It made me happy, but only for a moment —
Maybe I needed that escape,
But I always think too much and make a mess of things.

I can't let simple things be simple,
That's just how I am.
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