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Cross Roz Oct 2019
Why does the water salty
While you are bitter
Yet those lips are tasty
a facade I want to remember.
TheWitheredSoul Apr 2019
Oh dear , I don't wanna get entangled with the miseries of my present for I always reside as the prisoner of my past.
I don't know where my path ends but I certainly do know I lost the only light I have ever known.
I don't feel the warmth of the sun.
I don't feel the gentle breeze skimming through my skin.
I don't feel the liveliness of my life.
I don't know how incompetent my feelings have evolved.
I no longer care about anything . I am no longer capable of grieving someones loss.
I think I have grown extant.
Maybe i LL have plants to eulogize me on my funeral for evolving into of them
anitajehu Sep 2018
I've always sought love,
I've always thought of it as....
Castles in good nights dreams,
Birds fly in a chill weather,
Or some poem to spill my emotions,
So I sought like never,
After all I'm Hunter,
But now I'm staring into loves eyes,
Before me is a puzzle I can't solve,
One I've always dreamt of,
I'm dying inside,
Buh I can't read her mind,
So I spill the grains,
A risk worth it.,
jza aguilar Jan 2018
will it be a hi or bye?
boy you dont have to try,
you always make me high,
but little did you know you also make me cry.

will it be a hi or bye?
i always end up with why.
you sound so sweet when you lie,
don’t you know im about to die?

will it be a hi or bye?
for million reasons i cant rectify.
when this heart can’t even defy,
every heartache that came by.

will it be a hi or bye?
you once told me im a butterfly,
but will i still be able to fly,
when my love has ran out of supply?

will it be a hi or bye?
tears on my cheeks will soon run dry.
’cause i know i gave everything for you to satisfy,
but you’re not just type of guy.
Sapien May 2016
Who am i to take this right,
Shoot an arrow in your heart and make you mine?
Who am i to take your heart, Make things better like they have never fallen apart.
I always saw forever in your eyes, But you closed them. And every dream of us was out of my sight.

No I am not a cupid, But i wish i was. Shoot an arrow and make you mine
No I am not a magician, Though, I wish was. Chant some spells and take your heart.I am just the one who loved you and will always do.I am just the one who admires you with all her heart.

— The End —